There was movement at the station

Actually, there has been movement in the background..kinda, some of this stuff as you will see below and some other stuff I have been fk knuckling about with as well, Dragons, and the underworld of fkn sorts. Not sure about Birmingham, but the longer ya leave shit the harder it is to get back into the saddle so to speak.

Anyways, I gots more coming yaaalll!

And the new job, well, its not too bad. We Manufacture  and rent /sell a very specialised  De-water system in  shipping containers. Whats sexy about that, well apart from removing sediment which kinda fucks up waterways when it settles on the plant life, there by impacting on the frogs and fishes, its got a patented filtration media in it!…and that shit pulls HYDROCARBONS and all sorts of shit outta the water. YEAH…FKN GREEN HAVOCK. My job…well its to sell them,  or place the rental units out there in the industries, but also operationally to bring it, the business systems and marketing and OH & S and E into the 21st fkn half-century!


I’ll write about our instant import 14 year old KIWI child that we kinda inherited about 3 months ago in me next post!


4 thoughts on “There was movement at the station

  1. Good to see you back too!

    Look fwd to the updates re harbouring The Enema from across The Ditch.

    Worried re Greenie Hav!!

  2. Mate, good to see you are still kicking, I shall admit I was wondering how you were just the other day and what skulduggery you might be wading in. I’m angling for Greenie Hav, like, Camo 20ft container slung under Chinook with load-master on Mag 58 out the back, me at the ramp jumping all over the fkn joint like a complete idiot to the sounds of Wagner as we deploy a filtration system!

    As for the import..rough to start with, but we are getting there, more later.

    cheers Mate.

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