I opened the BOWLING on day 3!…NO SHIT! H is a GOD

day three here at the cricket and we have passed their second innings score by 7 runs…..yeah, fkn 7 runs. Given they had 80 overs and aday and a fkn half to make the 7 runs we made some changes. I was asked by one of our opening bowlers if he could wicket keep the last over or tow..I relied yes, IF I GOT TO OPEN THE BOWLING…WITH A EW BALL.   lets not forget folks..they cost 65 bucks each..but I am a fkn GOD TOO!

So this pic below, is H bowling the first delivery, notice we have crunched down a bit!..not the best thing for a bowler to do, but the arm is straight, ball coming out high and the seam is upright for maximum fkn swing. I should point out, that at the ballistic fkn speeds I bowl at, I do not get much swing in the air!

As you can see in the shot below, the follow through, stare of fkn death at the batsman as well. And so on the photos go. You will note, the body of a TRUE GOD. Not many would realise the amount of effort that goes into building a fkn temple  like the one you are looking at now!



8 thoughts on “I opened the BOWLING on day 3!…NO SHIT! H is a GOD

  1. NOT talking to you 😦 STILL not on your blogroll….not that I’ve actually blogged for a while…


  2. No movement in the air but I reckon there would have been heaps off the bat. Love the fact that you actually opened the bowling in a GF.

  3. Therbs. IT was FUCKING AWESOME!, new ball and all. 3rd ball I bowled a bouncer at their opener..a real WTF moment, then he hit me for four runs..lol. FKN BASTARD!. But yeah, it was great, LOVED IT!

  4. LOL..LERM. Bout the same pace..normally.y back is now fkn killing me! Good to hear from you!

    Mayhem..no..me suggest that, it must have been a key board malfunction

  5. Finally! Come on, Mayhem, let’s get this place spruced up. I’ll do the lace curtains, you can scatter a few of your mum’s doilies around.
    Oh, by the way Havsy, in the first couple of photos it looks like your mouth is taped shut. A precaution or a punishment?

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