okay, 2 solid days of cricket now played ( sat and sun), 80 overs each day.


We were sent into bat by the top side and made 202 after 70 overs, which was not bad considering the most hit against them all year was about 150, they smashed us when we first played them and when we did beat them later in the season, it was pretty much our side above us, playing down in our grade that beat them. That swas because the top grade had a bye round and we rested our juniors who were playing in the seniors as they were also playing rep cricket at the time.

And this side will go up at least one, maybe two grades up competition next year.

But anyway, we had them 2 out ( down if you wish)  for 200 runs at the tea break, then had another crack in the second session. We bowled them out for 320 after 67 overs. Had some fkn mongrel decisions against us, they have a totally feral fkn player who had bad mouthed everybody, plus the side line people and spectators etc and we will have a formal complaint lodged with the association..the bloke is a wanker of the first order and its been the only real detractor of the game.

Yours truly took three catches behind the stumps ( up at the stumps)  to our spinner and a stumping as well, some great bowling by the blokes and fkn super efforts in the field. Kind of glad we had a sea breeze which made the conditions pretty fkn cracking IMHO.

So we are back batting in the second innings, lost 2 for fk all ( 12), I’ve been promoted to number 6 based on my long time at the crease last week to steady the ship..but made FK ALL REALLY, 29, but everything helps.

We need to be at least 150 in front by the end of play next suturday, which means a 250 run score day and then bowl them out for under the 150 on sunday. Its doable but a long shot, we dont quite have the depth in the attack.

Having said that, had we been more fortunate in the early decisions on Saturday, then we would not have had 160 hit between two batters who should have been out for a lot less, so…we aint fkn dead yeat INHO..sports funny like that at times.

As for the body, my hands are fkn killing me…but nothing like my legs, all the keeping after the running between wickets and I ran a metric fkn truck load of 3’s with a young fella we had batting, then 70 overs keeping..MY FKN QUADS , CALVES and HAMMIES HURT!..especially the fkn quads!…DAM!


Its a Masseur I need to find today




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