BACK TO SCHOOL for Mr H……..sort of

We have been going to do this for some time, I guess I have been skirting the edges and realistically,  procrastinating. Do and will I learn more…some, you always do, but the bulk I already know from working within it on a daily basis. But we decided to enrol into Open Universities of Australia and get our Cert 4 in OH & S.

9 units..not a lot really and I have pretty much decided we wont use RPL…… at this point anyways. I have a sneaky feeling if we kill off this one, we might sneak back and do the diploma… or make a leap, then..THEN I WILL FKN WELL DO RPL.

But I suspect that I will need to get the typing head into the correct space. I cannot see the assessors being to happy with MUPPET, Fkn and retard and arsehats…NUKE THE FKRS FROM ORBIT type word smithing being in the submissions….OH NO SIREEEE! We might have to lock up the caps lock!




6 thoughts on “BACK TO SCHOOL for Mr H……..sort of

  1. H, Step 1 get butter knife
    Step 2 pry loose Caps Lock key
    Step 3 give to Missus for safe keeping
    Step 4 figure out where she put it/buy present (bribe) for the return of the key

  2. H,
    Good on you! my best mate done the same thing to re freshen up his res, earn more dough in his present job and keep updated. He’s doing Cert whichever in workplace practice? (old train the trainer cert 4 I think) and plans maybe get into a tech college as a casual teacher in his field (nursing or a number of other fields he experienced in). Worth a thought or two. good luck!

  3. BANGAR!…She might stab me with a knife!…NOT FKN GOOD!.

    SHEL. I have looked at it..having now laid out some cash…and decided that I will go down the RPL ( recognised prior learning path ) as I have done all that is in the Cert 4 and way way more. Will still cost me, but I might be only a month or so away!.

  4. I didn’t understand half of that … but it sounds like you might be exercising that noggin muscle and that is always good.

    Especially when you don’t have the biceps of a studly Rhino.


  5. LOL..yeah, close enough RHINO. RPL, is credit for learning , so modules can be ticked as passed ( you don’t have to do them).

  6. For advice on how its done watch the Rodney Dangerfield film ‘Back To School’.

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