WICKED DAY!- retail therapy! and FKN the DOG!

surfaced this morning and toddled off to get some car parts for the eldest bloke. Then went down the street and bought a few mags, Mil Porn really, grabbed the paper, handed in me Tatts ticket and walked out 30 dollars richer.

Strolled across the road to the sports store, bought a new cricket bag, then decided to get a new pair of trackie dacks as well ( what the hell hey), wandered next door, had a hair cut ( shave on No 1 really), got me eyebrows done too as per norm, the ventured to the coffee shop. Bought a coffee, bough a fresh BOSTON BUN, have eaten over half now. tastes fkn awesome

Then back home, on the xbox, uncle and auntie dropped in from up home, entertained the guests,…now I think it beer time, retail therapy and food had. FKN WICKED DAY!


9 thoughts on “WICKED DAY!- retail therapy! and FKN the DOG!

  1. Bangarrr, if Black Mirror’s involved, that would be FKN the pig, wouldn’t it?

    And Havsy, my dear chap, could you please add the divine Ms Mayhem to your blogroll forthwith, that we may entertain ourselves by rearranging your furniture and putting doilies on everything? Thank you ever so much.

    Also, can I have a bite of that boston bun? Pleeeeeeeease?

  2. Dunno what the dog or Black Mirror has to do with any of this but I defer to everyone else’s knowledge. Anyone here reckon Havsy’s a bit too FKN CALM?

  3. OK..FKN THE DOG as the phrase is known, is utilised very frequently within the mining industry. It means you are wasting time, bumming around trying to look busy perhaps or just staying out of sight and doing FA. Holding the DOG and FKN IT!…is SERIOUS WASTING OF TIME and one would be considered a legend on that day.

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