REDGUM TOP for the Open fire place

Well the pergola inprove apace..its crackin along to be honest, but jesus..its also busting my balls.

We finished off the top to the fire place, its slabs of redgum wood which has been poiled with my home brew. Thats Boiled Linseed Oil , mixed with some Mineral turps..fkn nice and does not cost an arm and a leg. Then I put an Estapol Gloss over the top, it still needs about another 4 coats, but a GLASS finish is not what we want. Complete the top for the right side planter box, scrubbed down and washed the deck in prep for OIL on it tomorrow as well.

Now for a few beers…more.

have a cracker Aussie day all.


6 thoughts on “REDGUM TOP for the Open fire place

  1. Cheers gents.

    Interview went well, left field interview and the consultant said that to me before they put me forward. Its a QA/Enviro/OHS/ Mgr of the help desk and auditor roles in a FM Business.

    Strong suit is NOT QA, rest is pretty good, interview was okay as well, it will depend on what they really are after, having rapid growth and it reports to the GM. They still need more people. I suspect they will go standard and get a QA/ Admin Mgr and dump the lot on them. Time will tell. Wont know anything until the end of at ;least next week. But a good interview. Still trying to get info out of the Airport Interview, we missed the cut, 80 plus applicants, when I spoke with the HR bird….she said it could have been something small, …WTF…anyways…missed and on we go!.

    How you travelling my man.

  2. Love the deck, Havsy. When it’s finished, feel free to drop in and help with our renos. Seriously. The Boss keeps asking me to put my knitting down to help him lift heavy crap into place. O.k, so maybe it’s not knitting, it’s Angry Birds, but the principle is the same.

    cheers Cat, laughed at the ” Give me a hand will ya”. The boss gets thats as well, luckily I still have ONE child at home on a regular basis, co’s it makes work easier, thats for fkn sure.

    YOU..angry Birds..NEVER!


  3. Mate I’ve been following your adventures for sometime and I kid you not, that deck it rocks!
    I can’t wait till you have completed it and we (the viewing public) can have a gander at the finished effect your going for as it’s lookin’ real grouse. Re the interview, yeah been there, ete…your either get pip at the post by younger, better educated, team players, it’s enough ta much ya weep!
    Experience, maturity doesn’t seem to matter in today’s job market.
    Anyway bugger it – I wish you good hunting!

    Thanks SHEL..glad ta hear it..Adventure here ( blog) ben a bit scarce lately..but I’m hoping shall improve. I’m rapped with it, the second awning off to the left will cap it off, got a large glass window for the right side of the ( right) planter box, full piece, tinted etc to go up. She’s coming along.

    ref Job hunting..with ya…but , times still with me etc… ONWARD and FKN UPWARD I SAY!..cheers


  4. That pergola looks like it could do with a fridge, couch and TV.. Just sayin’.. Looking good.

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