Interesting start to the new year yesterday!

So how did it start, well, it started by the main computer getting a really funky pattern happening on the screen and then the screen died….  YEP! FKN DEAD, but not the screen itself, we checked that out…the GRAPHICS FKN CARD!.

As most will know, I do not do well the art of FIXING computers, last time was pliers, tin snips and brute force..the puter never worked again and its really a fkn wonder the hard drive did either. But 300 bucks later I have a new BIG ARSE, compared to the old one graphiocs card, its got TWO FKN FANS ffsakes and its installed. BUT IT STILL WILL NOT FUCKING WELL WORK!, so its off to the puter man.

But wait, there is more, Misses H goes down to the shop in the car, buys bread roles for lunch and comes back out and the car will not go. Thats NOT go in the sense that it starts and then cuts out. So I am in the middle of sanding plaster on the pergola wall and finally hear the home telephone…..why the home phone you ask..well Mrs H went to the shop without her mobile….ooooops.

So down we go, do all the tests and still have no fucking idea what the drama is really, I suspect its the fuel pump in the tank but we cannot be certain, so lets call the RACV..YEP, an hour later he arrives and does exactly what I did and says….NFI!, would you like a tow.

well DER! how the fk else we gunna get the fkn thing home, its at this point that it is explaioned that as part of our membership they will tow the car to the nearest DEPOT, which is across town, about 10 K, but will NOT tow the car to our house which is TWO..yes…2 FUCKING KILOMETERS UP THE ROAD, BUT, for $4.00 per kilometer the tow truck driver will. OKAY I says, lets do it. Then when the tow truck arrives home with the car, I get given a BILL for 88.00 fucking dollars and proceed to go fkn ballistic!…RACV ROGUE FKN CNTS!.. did mention the min call charge for tow truck either….

As we have the house and all the cars insured with them, I think Monday we will have a really interesting conversation!…but wait, there is still more.

Having unloaded the car, I ventured back into the yard to continue with creating fine white powder by means of SANDING FUCKING PLASTER AGIN AND BLOODY WELL AGAIN, but this got a mite BORING. I figured some tunes would be good, so the Technics stero which I have had for some time and cost a few bucks at the time, that was moved from the shed to the pergola was turned on.

guess what…the fucking stereo is now broken as well. THATS THREE!.

The computer

The car

The stereo

near as I can figure about 2 grands worth in ONE GOD DAM DAY!


OH and here is a gracious GOD snoozing after much drink and food chrissy day. FK I REALLY AM A GOD HEY!


3 thoughts on “Interesting start to the new year yesterday!

  1. An old-school Technics? Mate, who gives a fuck about cars and computers. The loss of a good stereo is worth crying over. Balling, in fact. Right down to inconsolable, hiccup-like sobs.

    So sorry H-man. It’s a tragedy.

  2. AH H let me tell you about a Xmas I had … the end of which was a motorcycle running off the road (not me). Well the year can only get better.

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