okay, yeah yeah, been away etc etc. Seeings as this day today, well for some of us anyways, is the LAST day of what can only be described as a REALLY FKN FKD YEAR, I thought we might post.

To be honest, given how work was etc, I just could not be fkd, didnt have the mental energy for it. About the only thing we did do was the odd burst of twitter, some blogs ( others) very very occasionally and wander in at the burger and blunty.

Poor form some might say, for the vast majority i would venture….THATS LIFE.

I’m not gunna go nuts with details, but I am glad I went to a Lawyer early. YES..I RESIGNED!

BOYLAN..It cost me $400 bucks an HOUR!….. for the Lawyers.  YOUR SHOUT…ALWAYS!..lol, but thats cool, all is good.

But here is an example of what the BODY was doing.

Heart burn, indegestion or reflux, fk knows really, it feels life about a barrel of acid is making its way up your throat , this has taken place nightly for about the last 2 months almost, less so before that. But 12 months ago….FKN NEVER!.

I finished up work on the 20th of December, the last time i suffered these symptoms was two days after that. SINCE THEN…NIL..NONE..FKN NADA.  Sometimes its the environment! and its NOT worth your health in the long term.

JB Mentioned his toe..yeah, I kicked a chair about three weeks ago, it took two weeks to walk normal, pain killers for the last game of cricket and it was fkn purple….FK THEY HURST and send ya balance up the shit!….WITH YA JB…No sympathy of course…but yeah!..lol.

Missed on going to HTBAM…thats when work went into the shitter, FUCKING SHATTERED I MISSED THAT…realy!!! and all the other gatherings etc..heads been everywhere.

Have three gigs on the go….possibles that is, that we have made it through to the last group. One is a FIFO arrangement in QLD, 3 weeks on  3 weeks off!..on a Defence Contract…WOULD BE FKN WICKED!..fingers crossed.

I know that Mrs H and the boys have had it a might tuff lately, troopers the lot of’em so we have some ground to make up there. But generally, we are a FUCKING LOT MORE FUCKING RELAXED THAN WE HAVE BEEN IN 12 months…waaaaay more, shed has been re tidied again!!! and gym set back up, this GUT I have has to fkn go. So Monday we will kick off the regeim again too.

Have a great NEW YEARS EVE ALL!.

May this one will be vastly fkn superior to the last fkr!…IT BETTER!

OH and we are still off the GASPERS…FKN WICKED as far as I am concerned.!



10 thoughts on “4 MONTHS…FK ME!

  1. Gday mate, glad to hear all is turning around for you re : the health, that and the familiy, got to be the priorities!
    Hope 2012 is an awsm year for the H’s, all the best!

  2. No point stressing yourself into the grave old boy. A job won’t thank ya for it. Neither will the family.

  3. Fingers crossed for a better year for you and the family H. We really need to arrange a catchup soon, before you start flying in and out.

  4. You’re working in QLD? You’re going to commute that far, get a gig in Ohio!

    All the best to clan Havock in ’12! The last part of 2011 has been tiring for TBH and myself. I’ll be glad to put 2011 in the rearview mirror.

  5. Senor Havock – Glad to see that you are getting your ducks back in a proper row.

    Kick ass. Take names. Confiscate assets. Freeze accounts. Hear the lamentations of their women. Make the bastards pay. And then pay again.

    No mercy in this dojo.

    May you and yours have a fantastic 2012. 2011 was a stinking whore and I wasn’t sad to see the door hit her on her plump ass on the way out.

  6. cheers guys. QLD…well it would be good, Monday is the interview, so lets see how we go..Fly in Fly out!..hmmmm, but cash is cash.

    Sounds like EVERYBODY is really fkn happpppy to consign fkn 2011 to the trash can…FK YEAH!

  7. Naut, interview went really well. Three on the panel. If I make round two of interviews I will know by the end of next week or there abouts. Then rnd 2 interview, then psychometric testing after that and then a medical…..

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