B & S Ball

Well, the eldest and six of his mates have departed to head up home, home being HORSHAM in the Wimmera Region of Victoria. Well, I guess having given them a couple of emergency contact telephone numbers and advice on DRINKING and DRIVING, skippy they may encounter….its about all a parent can do at this stage…..I hope he, his mates and my UTE return-in one fucking piece………


13 thoughts on “B & S Ball

  1. yeah Dirk…canny believe i did….faaaarkenhell. but the little shit brought it home intact..thank god!


  2. hmmmWTF indeed, not fkn sure whats going on there, I SHALL slap some fkr in the IT departments and have them fix it my good man

  3. I’m not on the Blogroll either, Rhino. I don’t know whether to be offended or relieved.

    Glad you got the ute back safely, Havsy. Oh, and your son too.

  4. oh GOD…HERE WE GO!..lol, I just fkn figured out AGAIN how to do it…DONESKI CAT!

  5. You booked in for the HTBAM week-end 11-13 Nov? I’m looking at flights and hotels now.

  6. is he still going on about how i went away and didnt trash the ute lol wat a spastic goes even better now that ive had it haha

  7. Hey – congrats on kicking the smokes matey. I’m still clean and, as a result, at least $50 a week richer for it.

  8. You ok Havs?

    I know you said head down arse up so no pressure.
    Hope it’s going ok & you havn’t come across a muppet that NEEDED capping yet.

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