The Senior of the HAVOCK Juniors

YES..its happened, somewhat latter than he would have liked, owing to new rules and Hours of training required, plus, I was not going to allow him on the road until such time as he could ACTUALLY FUCKING DRIVE and CONTROL a CAR!.


Havock junior, the senior of our two boys is fully Licensed…and on the out!


4 thoughts on “The Senior of the HAVOCK Juniors

  1. Awww, man. I’m gonna be terrified when that time rolls around for my kids.

  2. Congrats to young Master H! You’ll be amazed at how quickly the “how can I turn this to my advantage?” response kicks in! (Goes for you too Dirk!) Out of coffee on a frigid winter morning? Send junior to the store = WIN!!!

    P.S. H, please let Junior know that Werribee is OFF LIMITS!!! We have had some nasty accidents recently, fatalities involving kids (some of whom I know), so he’s safer away from some of the idiots driving around here….

  3. He’ll be ripping it up big time. You remember what it was like. Just cross your fingers.

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