FKN BANZAI..>!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

OK, i’ll not go running into a dark corner all by myself just YET! but having spent some considerable money with our TLESA TELSO tonight on the telephone to Mrs H in UNZUD and having now booked a flight over there in a weeks time, I have a feeling that certain issues have been resolved, issues still to be resolved have been aired and we are still speaking with each other. Actually, the egenral terms of conversation have improved markedly I must say, all in all, one would suggest with a very favourable breeze that the boast has taken a tiurn for the better. Not coming home with a wet sail…just yet..but soon I woulod wager, a definite far cry from the doldrums we were wallowing i not that lomng ago I might add, a few beers makes for a fkn great difference as well.


H OUT..its fkn bed time!


4 thoughts on “FKN BANZAI..>!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  1. yeah, thanks guys, easy to see that the typing and spelling was not that flash after a few sherbets and time on the telephone.

    Its amazing how some time discussing things can change the overall perspective of the situation. I’ll post on this later….I think.



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