HAVOCK’s world, kinda fkn rough lately

HAVOCK’s world, kinda fkn rough lately. And I am a believer in the simple. This has resulted in a few things being timed badly and fucking shazam!…Nuclear fallout.

Mrs H is in NZED at the Mo..minus me, seems she tried to book a surprise holiday thru my boss that went rather pear shaped, thus, she deferred my booking until later in the year and kept hers.

Now the fact that the bookings were for New Zealand was problem number one. Given we have been there rather frequently and herself..towce in the last 8 months, I DID NOT WANT A FUCKING HOLIDAY THERE YET…NOT THSI ONE ANYWAYS and that was made clear, but still, she went ahead and booked.

Then there is the issue of TWO smokers giving up in the same house at the same time.

Add to this a work load that with the run up to end of financial year and being managed bu a business that outta know better but works like a tin pot busted arse fkn muppet driven ensemble and you add another layer of shit!

SO, summary.

Two ex smokers ( giving up ) one of which is on MEDS..or was.

A holiday to where I did not want to go

Booked for the wrong time of year

Work out the arse

Bad temnpered

The EMPTY NESTERS kinda shit starting to fucking wander in which I THOUGHT I WAS ON TOP OF!…mmm maybe not quite on top of.

AND POOF!…shit hits the fan, H cracks the shits, words get said and before you know it, you mind is starting to think thoughts like….SEPERATION!…YEAH..separation. really big, its even scarier when you break it down and are sufficiently angry that it doesn’t seem that big, in fact, given the ages of the kids and the …general structure its not that hard to do at all.

So we backed off, well as much as I could, pretty much shut down the blogging, closed off twitter almost and put the head down and arse up, especially with work, we are not in danger of being shot there, there is more danger of me telling some fk tard to shove it up their arse to be honest. Billion dollar turnover business with system that are FUCKED…I STILL SHAKE MY HEAD. Anyways, the Boss lady is in New Zealand and maybe that a good thing, she is over there for three weeks, her mums coming down to help with the boys and getting them too and from school etc. Seems she worked out that me working  means I cannot always do that kinda stuff…..DERRRRRRR!

Today I found out the youngest has work exp in a fortnight…thats not organised..FUCKING GREAT!, that lands in the middle of the week in which I had planned to make an  unschjeduled trip to UNZED for 4-5 days and surprise the boss lad, spend some time along and get the gig back on track properly. Seems that might not happen, but we aint dead yet.

I will say though, that for a period of about two weeks, it looked kinda bleak, not so much now. And the crazy part! all this was on the back of a fucking excellent weekend away in QLD catching up with Burgers and eating and drinking. Weird shit can happen and happen fast IMHO.


9 thoughts on “HAVOCK’s world, kinda fkn rough lately

  1. Yeah, life’s a funny thing for sure mate. Kinda wondered if something was up. I reckon once in awhile sitting back and getting ya bearings is a necessary things occasionally. I’ve just retrained the missus to accept the fact that ‘us time’ is something we need to basically book in advance. Took some fights, but eventually she accepted the changes that were going on with the new job.

    I reckon just force ya chin to keep flapping with her buddy. All the best.

    Yeah, just keep’em flappin, time will tell, Cheers

  2. Wondered where you’d gone Mr H. Hope it all levels out a bit soon. Best wishes to you all.

    YEP!..kinda focus, thanks

  3. Hang in there mate! I know you said “it’s not that hard to do at all”, but given some of your earlier posts, I’d think those thoughts were fleeting and probably just a response to the situation at the time!

    I haven’t met Mrs H, but, a) YOU don’t seem the type to give up on something worthwhile without a fight,and b) SHE’s probably worthwhile given she’s put up with you for this long 😉

    Hope all goes well for you!

    Thanks M….oh, not quietly into that good night!


  4. Wondered where you were at. Looks like you’ve got a plateful right at the moment. Life happens like that.

    Get that bit with Mrs H and yourself worked through and a lot of the rest might fall into place. Might not be easy but, hell, what is? Best of luck to y’all!

    Cheers DAWG, yeah the plate…like a SKIP BIN or Semi Trailer type fkn plate at the mo!, but yea be making sense fa sure about it all falling into line I think.

  5. Well we received a text message from the Boss lady in UNZUD..seems its about -1 and snowing at the mo!..I did do a small fist pump I will admit.

    Phoned her to have a chat..funny how it was brief, but distance and things work against us there at the mo.

    I will say, I am not yet convinced its worth my while to rip up 500 bucks to fly over for a few days and that’s prolly the scary part. Although, it doesn’t seem to scare me at all and I’ll wager a shrink don’t fkn know much about that either way!. So we have decided to let the week progress and see what happens..or where the mind takes me I guess.

  6. Mate

    Been there a couple of times myself.

    The Missus was the one that wouldnt give up. I was actually out the door, living up the street with a mate. She convinced me to try an work things out. Still here 20 + years later.

    Good luck.


  7. AUSGAZ, its so fucking infuriating its not funny, talk about brick walls……..but I get where you are coming from.

  8. Havock:

    You’re a smart bloke. You know better than to dive into something like this when both of you are on edge and angry.

    Whether or no it works in the long run, you’ve gotta be clearheaded when you decide anything this size. So – all I can do is wish you both the best of luck, and all the sympathy in the world. Take it as easy as you can.

  9. Dirk, I hear ya, the emotions and I will probably say the ego+Pride are a cast iron bitch in this scenario, putting them away and keeping them away is a big key. Having said that, its far far easier said than actually done mind you. But we are trying.

    I actually now think, that her heading over there solo for the three weeks might be a good thing, I certainly cannot head over this week like I wanted to as a surprise, next weeks work exp for the young fella negates that. But the last week of her trip I just might be able to do, at least perhaps three or four days, which I am hoping as a surprise kicks her along.

    time will tell I guess, but I hear ya

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