week 4 of Kicking the smoke habit

Rightyo! we are now into week four of kicking the gaspers, yeah baby….smoke free, but I will wind the clock back a bit first.

I mentioned in the last post that at day 8 we were ready or I should say, the booklet says, GO SMOKE FREE ON DAY 9. Well day 9 came and fkn went and we had about three gaspers I think. I grabbed the instruction fkn leaflet and re read it…OH!, It says, you should stop smoking somewhere between day 9 and day 14. DEEEEER!

So we soldiered on, it turned out that by day 14, I did not want a smoke, fkn things tasted like shit, stunk, burnt and christ knows what else…but still on the drus, still couging shit up as well.

I had to venture to the doctors, turned out we had a MILD infliction of Bronchitis, got some drugs and been fighting the fucking thing ever since. BUT WE ARE WINNING.

So its two weeks now, smoke free, jesus can we smell stuff!, fkn amazing I must say. Rather gald I made the descision, glad also we did it in a structured fashion too..OH and BTW, we have jumped to 72.2 kilos…FAAAAAAARK!. Not surprised really as we have been eating like a horse, thats in part because Nicotine is a hunger suppressant and its now gone, but also, because we keept the hands busy by eating. Thats kinda dangerous I think, but the munching has slowed, GYM WORK is about to start.

Heres a tip, try eating RADISHES and then see if you can smoke a gasper….FKN NO WAY!

Noticed the breathing is much better, coughs almost gone, foods fkn wicked and lots of other stuff, I still get the odd little niggle for a smoke, but I know they taste like shit and the key is lasting the 30 seconds or so and then the craving is GONSKI!

Here’s the other beauty, not sure if its that smart, but I kept a half packet in the glove box, its amazing how little I think about them being there, and not always do I remember when I get the little cravings either. Guess if we were desperate etc…THEY WOULD BE REMEMBERED.

So we see the Doc tomorrow night for the next course of champix, might have a word to him about getting some fucking sleep as well, that’s proving to be the biggest killer…ALMOST Literally, as we do a lot of driving, having a nap behind the wheel is NOT ON THE TO DO LIST!

SO..onwards and fkn upward I say!…can’t wait to stop the drugs, stop the antibiotics and HAVE A FUCKING BEER AS WELL!.

OH and its funny too, I’ve gone from about 12 cups of Coffee per day..DOWN TO about 2



12 thoughts on “week 4 of Kicking the smoke habit

  1. Good job, H! Keep it up! And of course you’re carrying a (big) pack of chewing gum or Life Savers or lollipops to help sub for the smokes? Might help with the weight gain as well.

  2. Onya Havock, you are acting as the point guard for me as I am on day 9 today and haven’t had a smoke ( first time in 22yrs -apart from when I was under general anathesthetic but that doesn’t count). Too right about the not sleeping. And funnily enough I was given a bag of radishes yesterday by a landowner whose proprty we are drilling on. Chewing gum has been my substitute seems to work.

  3. Cheers Guys. Rhino..you’ll keep!.

    Pat: Good stuff, yeah, keeping hands busy / mind etc, it does get much easier I’ve found. I popped back here tonight, as I had nearly forgotten to take tonights tablet, they sit on the desk in the study. Yesterday was the same.

    I thought sleep would even out…NOT YET, blaming the drugs for that, but I also noticed the eating has slowed as well…THANK FK!



  4. Sweet.

    You’re not the first person I’ve heard from who’s commented on the improvements in their sense of smell and taste. Sometimes I almost wish I’d been a smoker, just so I could give it up and appreciate those senses the same way…

    … but then I remember I’m sane, and it passes.

    Enjoy your new health, your new senses — and your new wealth!

  5. Ah the sweet smell of baby shit early in the morning. To think this is what I have been missing. That and people with bad breath. Day 3 rollie free t’is good very good

  6. Pat..yeah!, I could fkn well do without the BAD BREATH BIT! people should know better imho!

    Dirk..yeah, new wealth, just gotta keep the boss ladies bloody hands off it

  7. Well done H, I’m about 2 months into my own smoke-free journey. My journey was unplanned, I came down with a bit of a lurgy and didn’t feel like smoking so I thought here’s a good time to kick the buggers.

    It wasn’t as hard as I thought; I’m a child of the 60s and started smoking in my teens. I’ve had three since (all when drunk) and managed to drink my way through a music festival over Easter and not succumb to temptation. There’s still half a pack of Winnie Blues on my bench – they’re there to test my will power.

    I’m really noticing the benefits. Food tastes better, feel fresher, clothes not stinky etc and hangovers not as killer!

  8. SHADOW, with ya, I keep a half pkt in the glove box of the work car. Not broke out yet, BUT, aint really been ON THE PISS EITHER!.

    Time will tell, not as bad as I though, but you are right…EVERYTHING is better, much much better. KEEP FKN AT IT!

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