So we’ve now reached day 8 in the kick the fags ( think smokes ya muppets) quest, I figured I might put down some findings along the way because ya never know, some poor bastard might read it and find something useful.

I’ll kick off with the CHAMPIX , if you read the pack or even worse, check them out on-line, they have the potential to do all sorts of harm, right up to including suicidal thoughts and very nasty dreams… we are told…..or not told! Rather than babble, heres what hit us or fk, whatever you want to call it!.

I crash about 10-11pm most nights now and are VERY FKN DOZEY, we sleep for a good 4-5 hours then its wakeup time every fkn hour.

Dry sore throat

Cough..well thats come on in the last two days or so..I’m thinking its a COLD..nothing to do with the CHAMPIX although they do mention it may generate a sore throat and perhaps a cough. BUT THIS FKR is a deep hacking cough…enough said.

Some minor chest type pains…. random really, but we been working in the garden, they most certainly have not made me aggressive. I have had to change the diet…to keep the internal system functioning…it had started to SLOW UP!..if you know what I mean.

Then we have the runny nose ( yes its a side effect, they list it). THATS DRIVING ME FUCKING NUTS!

Not sure how we will go over the coming week, the dosage from day one to three is .5mg, then on day 4 it goes to 1mg ( 2 x.5mg tabs).

Now its day 8…….D-DAY, we stay on two tablets and they increase in dosage to 1mg per tablet…should be interesting.

From day one, the effect of the tablets was noticable, we dropped from a packet a day down to 1 packet lasting just on three days, which really did surprise me. These things block the PLEASURE..bit of smoking and after a while..its almost un fun. The key..well thats been finding OTHER THINGS TO DO, I would not reccomend doing this when you are on simply have too much free time. Better to be at work I suspect, but we shall keep at it.

Diets changed, proper nbreakfast, we snack a fair bit during the day now, but mostly thats to crush the habbit of HAVING A SMOKE. Celery, carrot fingers raw, chewies, COFFEE has dropped right off, Drinking more fruit juice and water, drinking less coke, eating sultanas and peanuts and dips and snacking and chips and FK KNOWS WHAT ELSE.

Climbed about 1.5 kgs, but I tink thats stabilised…I’ll check the weight later this morning. So today is it, its the last day by the PLAN, tomorrow we go smoke free completely, we had 5 gaspers yesterday, the plan is to have about three today….oh..btw, I’ve stayed away from the grog as well, both because ya want a fkn smoke and more so because of the CHAMPIX. I had a heavy beer at day two….NOT GOOD!

Do not drink and use this stuff and then drive etc..bad bad bad.

OH…and GAS..WIND  or any associated description you can think of…BAD and i mean BAD, just odourless thank god!


14 thoughts on “GASPER PROGRESS Day 8

  1. Best of luck. And it sounds like you should avoid lighting up in confined spaces. (Mental image of a singed Havock sitting in a dunny with the door blown off its hinges)

    Mate, its STILL FKN BAD!…ozone killer contributor I am at the moment…faaark!

  2. Good on ya H for giving it a go! Best of luck!
    (glad to see you didn’t say… nuts and berries… lol)

    CHEERS Drej, COLD FKN DAY IN HELL before I have that combo..i’m no pantywaist!

  3. Best of luck with it. Next time I do it I’ll go the same route as last time – 6 weeks nightly relaxation/self hypnosis then whammo. Hell for about four weeks. Then don’t get cocky two years later about being able to handle becoming a ‘social smoker’. Only takes a few weeks of that to be back on a pack a day and right back into the addiction. You’ve gone through a bit of shit, stick with your program. Cheers.

  4. Good luck and keep it up! This Champix sounds worse than the smokes, though.

    Dawg! They have their moments I will tells ya!

  5. Dude,

    Glad to hear that you are kicking the habit. I mean, you are getting older now and the testosterone levels do drop. It is completely understandable.

    When do you start on the calcium tablets for the brittle bones?

    Hang in there buddy!



  6. I doubt I’ll be going the champix. I tried the patches…which have reduced the intake but not completely. I shall climb back on the wagon proper next week – mihg supplement the patches with that chewing gum too.

    Good luck with battle champ!

    You too mate. I found mornings are the worst and its taken a bit to both realise it and come up with a workable solution. Now its a full breakfast and I snack lots during the day to keep the hands busy. They really work well though, except for this fucking cold i seem to have caught. KEEP AT IT!

  7. Thanks Havock for the detail. I have a mate at work going through the Champix . same advice keep busy but has definitely noticed reduced cravings and is not cranky. Hasn’t had a smoke since the 21st .I am off to the GP this arvo and on my list is a script for Champix. And there is a nasty flu getting round too.
    Keep trucking with it

  8. PAT, cool. The first couple of days can be a bit weird, but once you step up to 1mg per day, it flattens out a lot. I should also have mentioned frequent toilet stops, lotsa liquid as well…and yeah…FKN MANFLU is going about. I grabbed some drugs from the quack tonight.

    Keep trucking


  9. You Fkn Rock. I’ve met excorcets that are less goal oriented than you.

    I was talking to mate the other day & he substituted lots of really good fruit for the stinkerettes. Instead of a buying a 15 dollar pack per day he spent $70 on really top shelf fruit, punnets of blueberries & all. He reckoned as his sense of taste returned after 20 years on the bungers he was getting almost as big a hit off a mango as a B&H. Still makes a big tupperware box of fruit salad & takes it to work most days.
    Keep up the good work tiger, don’t beat yourself up about backslides, just learn from the when & where & move on.

    LOL..cheers NBOB. yeah, Fruit, I’m gunna DRAW THE LINE AT MANGOS, I can see my self stopping a boat in the middle of bumfk east, looking for “mangos man” and bumping into a fkn tiger!. But ya right, taste is NOWHERE near whjat it should be and the chanpix tend to fk with that as well. But its better than what it was..and thats fkn good!.


  10. By Buddha’s Hairy Back and Balls … you people are going about this the wrong way. Why not stop over and give him some hugs and long deep kisses in the shower while you’re at it.

    My main man H only responds to manly exhortations. To wit…

    Man up you ugly bastard! Quit yer fkn whining about keeping your hands busy. You know what keeps your hands busy? Whackin’ off. That’ll do it. Now suck down a teaspoon of cement and harden the fck up or I’ll come down there and stomp your ass into a greasy puddle.

    Now, off you go. Have some mango or some pineapple or some such thing and wipe your eyes for god’s sake.

    There. my work is done.

    Joking aside … I know that this is tough but you can do it. You are a FKN MACHINE!!!!

    Mango eating pussy. Sorry … couldn’t help myself.

  11. Rhino..lmfao!, FKN expect nuffing else..and don’t stress on the mangos, they are not fkn me at all…then again….nah!.

    OH and NBOB, interesting note there on slips, I haven’t yet, but I suspect its one where people tend to beat them selves up far far too much.

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