20 years MARRIED!

well, tomorrow the 23rd of MARCH it shall be Married for 20 years to Mrs H. She prolly needs a big arse medal for putting up with me. So I gave her HAIGH chockies tonight and three books. One for BALI, one for Malaysia ( KL and LANGKAWI ) and another for Thailand. I figures a week away in the next two months as a 2nd honeymoon would be a cracker..she seemed to like the idea…me too!


6 thoughts on “20 years MARRIED!

  1. Congrats Mr. & Mrs. H!!!

    That is awesome stuff. She does deserve a big arse medal … but she’ll have to settle with you instead.

    Have a great day and here’s a toast to 50 more.


  2. Well. Congratulations to you both! And many more.

    Treat her well, Big H. After all, it’s a big responsibility for her to be Mrs FKN GOD!


    Doc, YD , Albion..cheers guys. FK IT GOES FAST!

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