OUCH! & Day 1 results

OK…so day one, we won the toss and elected to bowl, had the other side at 6 for 53. I suspect the 4 dropped catches and them having the luck of the fucking IRISH didnt help after that. I’ve never seen so many balls miss hit off great bowling, go into space just short of a fielder. But thats cricket. We ended up bowling them out in the 63rd over ( allocation each day is 80), and they made 200.

we started shaky, finished day 2/11 of 13. Young fella is batting again. We have 80 overs today to make the runs, so it shouldnt be a problem.

took a ball to the head ( check bone ) whilst keeping, One of our openers, sprayed one down leg side, I got across, but didnt get the gloves into the right position, so the ball just flicked the top of the gloves (fingers) and then slammed into the face…AND FKN DOWN WE WENT.

To be honest, when I was on the ground, holding my check, I expected it to be cut open bad, or teeth missing as the whole side went instantly numb, but it turned out we just had some grazing and blood. Fucked if I know how it was not a lot worse, ball had to be doing close to 100K. The bowlers clocked at 130 on a regular basis. Fkn lucky I guess.

You can see the bloody seem mark of the ball.

Below the Young fella bowling, took 3/32 off 16 overs, fkn moved the ball well.

And Captain HAVOCK, Keeping and leading his troops..what a god


4 thoughts on “OUCH! & Day 1 results

  1. Geez, Havock. Catching? (Sorry…wicket keeping!) You know that in baseball, catcher’s gear is called ‘the tools of ignorance’, because you gotta have a screw loose to play the position.

    Lucky you didn’t screw up the jaw trying to field that liner. Sometimes the ball takes an odd hop high or low.

    Good pics, troop. Getting me ready for baseball season up here!

  2. Photo 1:
    Tomato Sauce, isn’t it, Havsy. You’ve been eating pies in the outfield again.

    Photo 2:
    You put your left arm in, you put your left arm out, you put your left arm in, and you shake it all about….

    Photo 3:
    Is that your best angle?

    But seriously…. rub a little pawpaw ointment on it, and you’ll be right as rain in a few days. Oh, and remind Mrs H that scientists have proven the connection between ‘marital relations’ and healing. Or so my suspiciously clumsy husband keeps telling me.

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