THINGS CHANGE… another event! Mrs & Mrs H

OKAY, so this ones about the Boss lady, Mrs. H and me…I’ll cover off the previous weekends issue with the eldest fella and his GF…wasn’t that a BIBLICAL FKN EVENT..the backwash..dam. Suffice to say that words were had. But this weekend just gone..we continued on with the newly found volumes of free time for myself and Mrs. H.

Lately, of an evening.. weather permitting of course we have taken to walking our two dogs together…not really a BIG ONE, but its become our regular little outing. No kids, no interruptions and a chance for us to discuss stuff away from ears and any other issues. Now that’s aside from the fact that it also lends a bit to the exercise regime, and that’s a good thing too.

As part of this, I am also acutely away of wholesale violent changes to routine, that’s not to say I am being shifty and keeping all my thoughts from Mrs. H, but as I mentioned previously, its on my mind…….and she doesn’t really need to know, I figure its really a case of actions speaking louder than words in this case.

But the weekend..well we got to continue with the plan, effort of whatever you might like to call it.  And let’s remember, I’m not planning this out days in advance, it’s more a case if being ever mindful of what I am doing and how WE are interacting.

As most would know, the weather in Melbourne Friday and Saturday was a cast iron mongrel; it resulted in our cricket games being cancelled on Saturday. That usually means that ones other half will rather quickly find OTHER tasks for the hubbie to conduct……not in this instance. As Saturday was still brisk weather wise, I spied Mrs. H on the couch with a big arse fluffy blanket drapped over her, so being the good fella and supreme optimist, I jumped under the blankie as well……..


NO FOLKS…NOT THAT LUCKY!….kids still in the house I am afraid.

So the conversation very quickly migrated around to what we shall do and I asked her if she would like to watch a DVD…YEP!..she said yes, so I volunteered to do the selecting. This rather quickly ensured that she screwed her nose up some, quite rightly..I would say under normal circumstances and its prolly given that I was going to return with THE 300 or Master & Commander or Tears of the Sun…or something else as similar. Basically wholesale fkn VIOLENCE and CHAOS and fkn HAVOC!


But…having thought about this I toddled into the study and selected several DVD’s all in the knowledge that I was on a winner and she would be rather surprised.


So we popped back to the rumpus..dvd’s in hand and slapped one into the player, I was asked what I had selected and proceeded to tell her…WHAT A SURPRISE SHE GOT!. So there we be, just the pair of us, under the big arse fluffy blanket, snuggled up on the couch, I twice made two big KICK ARSE chocolate milk shakes, , scooted off between movies to our local charcoal chicken shop for chicken and chips for tea and then we resumed watching movies until it was 11.30 hours Saturday night, at which point we retired to the bed.


NOW..ya not gunna belive this, but we watched 6…yes…SIX DVD’s Saturday…fkn lazy, laughed, and all the other shite that goes with it, all the while just the two of us..well, on occasion the young fella flitted in, for 5 minutes or so, realized what we were watching and then promptly bailed out. But below…are the SIX DVD MOVIES that we watched that I selected and DAM..If I did not make an impression on Mrs H


1              Knight & Day ( Tome cruise & Cameron Diaz)

2               The Blind Side ( Sandra Bullock)

3              The Holiday ( Diaz, Jude Law, that English chick and jack black)

4              The Devil wears PRADA ( Meryl Streep, Ann Hathaway)

5              Nottinghill ( Huge grant & Julia Roberts)

6              Pretty woman ( Roberts again and Richard Gere)


Yeah I knoiw…CHICK FLICKS..but to be honest, I didn’t mind any of them, the fact is, The Devil wears PRADA is a fav, so is THE BLIND SIDE, I reckon I have seen both about 6 or 7 times each!. Easy, not real do ya head in movies, that the boss lady loves, I don’t mind and we spend fkn loads of time together. Not just staring at the bloody box either I might add, but chatting as well.


I’m working our way back up to Dinner!…maybe a home cooked one by me with all the trappings



15 thoughts on “THINGS CHANGE… another event! Mrs & Mrs H

  1. Oh Sebastian, you sly devil. Thought you had the look of a man with a plan when you bailed out early-ish on Friday.

  2. Bwaaahahahahaaaa! Nice one, Mister H. Oh – and if you’re cooking, take a look at the recipe I just posted. I put it together for Natalie’s birthday, but it’s nothing difficult, and I reckon it might earn you a few brownie points…

  3. Sounds like Heaven to me. Thinking that J and I might have a similar day next week. Just chill out and relax with nowhere to be and nobody to see…. First time we’ll have actually had a week off together!

  4. Nice work indeed, though would it be uncalled for of me to suggest that the depths Bangar refers to might be the depths of hell if Julia Roberts and Richard Gere are involved? 😉
    Have seen half those myself. Hey, my last post was on the Spartacus series, just for the record (and wasn’t I surprised!) the better half really enjoyed it too, just spent a really good few evenings together watching it. Maybe give it a try if you haven’t already…

  5. Bastard, I’m sooo envious. I am lucky to squeeze one DVD in after the weapon has gone to sleep.

  6. Sheer tactical geniusness! Most guys would pick out some guy movies. Good forethought there with the movies and dinner. Well done!

    Don’t worry about watching ‘chick flicks’. If it’s a film you like, who cares?

  7. Nicely done old boy! When you can’t take them from the front …. run around the flank. I may have to steal this for my play book.

  8. Only ‘Devil wears Prada’ rates in my book & prefer ‘My Best Friend Wedding’ to “Pretty Woman’

    Sly move though :))

  9. GUYS..GALS..I can tell ya ll, as a very deft MOVE, it has almost no peer, I suspect DIAMONDS might be the only trump for this. Aside from the relaxation…it was a cracker of a day! / Night etc.

  10. I’m lucky, my good lady wife likes certain of blokey flicks like the Lethal Weapons, anything with Arnie Schwarzenegger and the Bourne flicks. But she does like girly movies too!

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