A MUPPET during floods

Went for a drive tonight, took some happy snaps of the flooded area’s here in the marsh, then we stumbled across the FKN MUPPET…ya can just see the tool! in the water.

YA Gotta look in the center in the stream.THEN  

I promptly told the young fella…” GET OUT OF THE FUCKING WATER YOU IDIOT”. After he got out, I rather more gently explained to him, just how silly what he had done was…some people..I tells ya. THAT water, was ripping along. could have been anything in it


5 thoughts on “A MUPPET during floods

  1. Looks old enough to know better. That’s the type the rescue squad usually has to spend a considerable amount of time, effort, and risk to go fetch his dumb ass out of the water.

  2. That could have ended much worse for him, although an Havoc ass-kicking is not to be dismissed.
    The worse part is that if he had been wash downstream the nature of people would be to put themselves in danger to try and save him.

  3. YD / Therbs / Barnesm, YEP the first thing that I thought of, apart from him being a complete fkn idiot, was rescue people having to endanger their own lives to save his….complete fkn idiot!.

    He was not too impressed with me giving him a mild dose..and I will say mild. BUT he was pretty sheepish and didnt hang around very long

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