So here she be, me candy canes and me BG ARSE CANDY CANE, which I want bigger still next year, I figure I will use SEWER type pipe on the big one next year as it has a larger diameter. I want a big arse illuminated Present with glowing boew over on the right hand side roof of the car port as well. But..hey, the kids love it!



11 thoughts on “PONDO CHRISSY LIGHTS

  1. Looks good. If you only had about 5 or 6 inches of snow in the front yard, it would set things off perfectly!

    I bet when you lit all those lights, it was just like this scene:

  2. This is great H. I look forward to being able to see them from my front yard next Christmas, when I’m living in Werribee.


    cheers Bangar

    Mayhem….I’ll be fkn trying


  4. My BIL and SIL life on the Boulevard in Ivanhoe. They put up some lights last year and got a note in their letterbox suggesting they don’t even bother.

    Maybe they should subcontract you?

  5. We put tinsel in our trees yesterday. Somebody stole it. We put more in them today. Someone stole that, too. Kinda takes all the fun out of it.

  6. Blimey Hav, its lit up bigger’n a Christmas Tree! That must chew up a lot of them carbons wot them green peoples seem to grizzle about. Max it out, Hav. Max the bugger out!

  7. Hey, I thought I left a comment here?
    Those damned NT spam elves must be stalking me again.

    Dragged the bloke over to be impressed your handiwork and he scratched his head, clicked on the picture and said ‘What does it do?’
    Aside from short out the national power grid of course.

    Do you want to smack him or will I?

    Anyway, I think he wants the video of the blinking lights and a view from the NASA sattelite where they’re no doubt busy installing tinted glass to cope with the new and unnatural glow of Bacchus Marsh.

    You’re all doing better than me.
    The cat has some sparkly tinsel balls to chase around the house and that’s about the extent of my effort. Just as well you’re there to compensate for my degree of slack.

  8. Consider this my contribution to the festivities: (if you don’t wait for the end you’ll miss it)

  9. Ditto.. fkn GOLD!

    THERBS..I’m into FKN CARBON consumption…a lot, at least until I get the next fkn POWER BILL!

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