Weight Loss, weight Gain and Shoulder issues

Been over at Mr Birminghams blog this morning checking over his Burger light post (http://www.cheeseburgergothic.com/archives/1880 ) , which is a regular Friday arrangement. Its a place where all suffering the affliction of pounds creep can chat, post about their issues and ideas as well. Not being one who at present sufferes much from the addition affliction of weight, its interesting to read, occasionally I toss out the odd flippant remark, but typically and most unusually I refrain.


Why, well, its fairly evident all a trying and for various reasons all are seeking loss of those few extra pouns. for some it could be shape up or long term issues will manifest themselves, others, its possibly image, further still it could just be to play with the kids, Fit intyo that suit or goodness knows what. but one thing is that all are trying, so slagging off is not really productive.

My issue is the opposite and really, I have not gained weight since I went through basic traing, then I stacked on 7 kilograms over nearly a four week period, bounced out of basic at 76 kgs, the heaviest I have ever been. now of course, I flutter around 68 to 70 kgs and thats usually closer to 68 I might add.

Yeah, I play sport, always have done, its mainlyu cricket now and keeping at that, thats because the shoulder ( right side), is slightly fkd!, courtesy of a rather large truck crashing into me a while back and me having to be cut from the car.

I’ve perservered with it, at the time all seemed sort of okay and some weights, physio and the likes made all SORT of well. But the underlying issues were never really fixed. If I stand up at the mirror, which BTW I rarely do, as god like creatures have a habit of mesmerising themselves, which could well result in me staring at moy own for hours on fkn end, I notice the right shoulder is slightly lower than the left shoulder. lately, its been aching, and last year it was the same as well, resulting in a trip to the doctors and him saying its merely a strain and take some anti inflams.


Well, I cannot throw a cricket ball to save myself, so keeping it is, but with renivations around the pondo over the last couple of months and cricket season starting, its rapidly gottenm to the point whre the shoulder is aching enough that it will wake me up, the anti inflams are finished and I have this really fkn bad feeling that to fix this issue I will end up under the knife.

I guess, I could well let this go, and take a few pain killers and stop renovating and stop playing cricket, problem is, the former fkn needs to be done and the latter i love doing, so its really down to getting on whith getting it fkn fixed. The last issue, is, that I know I have lost a significant amount of power in the shoulder, progressively, i have migrated to utilising the left arm / shoulder for everything…AND NO..NOT EVERYTHING OK..before some other bnastard gets in on that one.

I suspect this sunny summer I will have to really be very carfull how we play and just what we do, then may, just maybe i will make it through the season and get the fkn thing fixed.

Part B, well part be, is that in short order we should have the new shed goinmg up, this will free up the current 2 car garage attached to the house and this will be turned ionto the gym / man cave / I do as I please around here. WHY, well, I suspoect its going to play a big part in the shoulder issue, but I need also to gain weight and comply also with my Ortho docs instructions about building up my quads. YES, I managed to skate through last year with the knee, but the left knee, followed NOT that far by the RIGHT, neds a full rebuild and that means post it, the left leg Quad will shrivel up to fkn near nothing. Any size increase I can deliver to the leg before the op, will be that much less pain and frustration post the operation and re hab…AND I AM NOT FKN LOOKING FORWARD TO THAT!.


The knees are a funny one, whilst its still usable and allows me to play, although its far from at peak operating performance, you try to ignore it. Fact is, if it blows out tomorrow its going to cause all sorts of fkn dramas, both domestically, work wise and fkn everything in between, yet one still tends to put this shit off…WHY IS THAT!. Anyways, its about the point in time where we now have to get out collective shit together on this, start the summer exercise and leg actions so that come the end of the cricket season, having smacked about a 1000 runs and beaten my young fella once again, I can get the fkr fixed…and the FKN SHOULDER AS WELL!.


6 thoughts on “Weight Loss, weight Gain and Shoulder issues

  1. There is never a good time to get these things sorted – other than straight away, which is the best option. Otherwise you’ll just put it off till after cricket season or after the renos are done or after the next thing after the next thing etc

  2. With Doc on this now is the time to sort it out. As my Gran said “It’s a bugger getting old”.

  3. Yep! With The Doc and Bangarr here. Sort it now while you’re young enough for the recovery to be relatively easy. Otherwise, by the time you get a roundtuit you’ll be older and the issues will be worse and recovery will be slower and more painful and possibly less complete.

  4. Do you know what the shoulder problem is? Sounds like a rotator cuff, and you’ll need to get it fixed, because it won’t get better.

    Think I’d get the knees done first. That’s going to be a new adventure in pain and rehab for a bit, but if an ACL or MCL goes, you’ll have a tough time even walking.

    Good luck. Don’t envy you what’s coming up.

  5. The knife should be an absolute last resort, Havsy. Spare yourself if possible, by trying something else first.

    Go see an Osteopath. Not a chiropractor, not a physiotherapist – go to an Osteopath. With the chiro and physio, you will have to keep going back for weeks. An Osteo will sort you out in one session.

    I can also highly recommend magnetic shoulder braces instead of anti-inflammatories. And you might like to try Radox shower gel.

    Hope you’re better soon. We need your slashing arm functional, for when the Zombiepocalypse comes.

  6. Knees are a bugger. Mine don’rt need it yet but I reckon the old bone on bone will eventually happen. That shoulder needs fixin’. I have a stanley knife, a picture of a shoulder and some gaffer tape. Ready to operate any time. This is one of the instances where my usual prescription of whisky won’t fix the problem. Drink it anyway.

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