Put the boss lady on a plane with her mother this afternoon, heading for CHRISTCHURCH, her long time best friend lives there. All is good I believe, but short of tying her to the bed and then later having her stalk me with a 12 gauge shot gun, I couldn’t stop her going. Someday..ya just want to …well…ya know what I mean. Anyways, off she goes, and she will not return untill NEXT friday, god help New ZEALAND co’s I cant help them from here. H out!


10 thoughts on “Mrs H is ENZED BOUND

  1., its prolly the damage to the fkn BANK account I am worried about!

    Moko: YEAH, -2 the other week i believe…FKN HELL!

  2. Then they had another decent shake this morning. The mayor described it as being like under attack.
    I visited Christchurch once but it was closed. Seriously, it was a Sunday and there was ten parts of bugger all open except for the homeless hostel. Despite being slow and dull it was a pleasant enough town.

  3. It’s a fucking hole at the best of times. Adelaide without the charm. But with the churches, the flatness and the serial killers.

  4. Therbs..I kinda liked the joint me self!. too

    Doc….I fear your view might..sheezz… LOL…ITS a great place…when ya a visitor!.

    Flint://YEP, HOME, safe and then FKD OFF TO THE FKN BLOODY FOOTBALL!.

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