PONDO DECK Construction

YEAH YEAH, been a fkn long time since I put anything up..well, not that lomng I guess, but from MY perspective it feels loike ages. Thats probably because we have been flat out out, like a lizard drinking, or a flat as a shit carters haT!.

Anyways, weekend have been footy and work around the yard, assuming of course it has not been pissing down with rain, thats resulted a couple of times in me and the eldest bloke being as wet as a fkn shag and mud from arsehole to breakfast as they say.

But its starting to take shape.

We got all the bearers and floor Joists put down and I started sanding the top sections of the sleepers which will be the deck surface, Saturday and Sunday I toiled away like a tradie and here are some shots.

As you can see in the shot above, some trench work, then it was onto the holes for the sturrups. I made my own, with 50×50 angle and 25×25, 3mm steel tube, about 3 bucks each and some time. If I bought them, well its about 10 dollars each and I use 30 all up……THATS MONEY!, not nat debt, but over a project it starts to fkn add up.

As you can see, the bearers and joists are down, stirrups in and screwed onto them and the first section of deck is laid down.

As you will notice, I have already OILED the first section, thats because, I have sanded the sleeper tops lightly and now have fresh timber exposed. Little feet, such as the wifes dogs will track mud across the surface and the red clay will penetrate the timber. PLUS, it looked like it was going to rain. Decks held down with 100mm counter sunk hex headed screws, which are galvanised, the screw spacings are 800mm, and two per sleeper.

To look at it, you would not know that they are treated pine sleeps, 2.4Meters, x 200mm wide x 50mm thick. Over the total area…its prolly saved me 3 grand on what it would have cost using a decking timber such as  Jarrah  or the likes. PLUS..they are 50mm THICK!..no bounce here on this fkn deck.

And thats me eldest bloke giving me a hand on Saturday, before his Girlfriend arrived and fkn well distracted him..lol


9 thoughts on “PONDO DECK Construction

  1. My lads are never round to help with the work. AND i hope that’s FKCN treated bearers and joists.

    And where’s the aggregate bed and aggie pipe?

    Nahh . . .just joshin.

  2. Ya sure its all level? Maybe you should rip it up and start again. Heh heh heh! Geez you’re a lazy bastard, doin’ nuffin’ all day. Where does the bbq go and where’s the mount for the crew-served gun, ya know for CAPPIN FKN GREEN MUPPETS.

  3. BRIAN..lol… Over on the far side where the Laser level is, I have a 1.2m wide concrete drain, runs the whole length of the deck under it, that side gets most of the rain, its been tested already, works a charm, looks rough…but hey.

    Therbs. Thought about the BBQ against the outer wall……BUT, its getting an open fire place and timber mantle piece. I have a 4m long 300mm x 100mm piece of OLD Oregon, thats gunna get sanded and installed on two brick piers, ( WHEN I GET TO THAT! JOB), and YA can FKN CHECK THE LEVELS..lol. I WISH crew served had been authorised by the cook..I MEAN me!.

    Bangar..yeah, should be good, its about 6m x 7.5m.

  4. Doc..lol. THATS Gotta be the Nth end, HAVOCK Mantle piece, that way ya get to stare at Warney and Gillie on the rumpus wall, tinnies sitting behind ya for refreshment!

  5. You just know the Qlnd’rs are going to chime in.

    ‘That’s not a FKN deck! Now this is a deck! With the boat moored to it”

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