OK, yesterday we went to the Dentist, always great from a pain perspective and even more so from the wallets point of view. The tooth in question, one rather large, previously thought we filled and saved it some time ago molar is DEAD….

OK, still have plenty of other so remove it and just get rid of the fkn pain and that will mean I stop supporting the pharmaceutical companies, then the dentist suggest that the WISDON TOOTH behind it needs to go as well, and that oits both cheaper to do both ( one big arse does of face numbing drugs) and the pain consolidation thing as well.


SO, after its done, which BTW , for a wisdom tooth, means a LOT of fkn pressure, wiggling and fkn facial gyrations, as a result of him basically having my head clamped in place by the assistant and his full 100kgs swing of pliers like device which happen to be clamped to my fkn tooth, which BTW is about 15mm deep in my JAW, its extracted.

END of sesh, he says that if I have pain, to take Panadol or Neurofen…..Not PANADEINE FORTE, or anything similar, just bog standard over the counter drugs.

WELL…HE CAN GET FUCKED!…I had Six FORTE in the space of 4 fkn hours, this morning, like Doc Y said yesterday, feels like some bastard tried to rip my fkn jaw off, plus a few neck muscles as well….

JESUS!.,  AND HUNGRY..bloody hell,


9 thoughts on “FANG REMOVAL

  1. When I was in first year uni (18ish) they ripped out two wisdoms and two supernumary teeth under general. I reckon they did it with a backhoe, given the mess and the post-holes they left. Put me onto Forte to get over it but that shit did not agree with me. Once the room stopped vibrating I decided to stick with over-the-counter stuff and just HTFU.

  2. H

    My missus had 14 teeth taken out under general.

    Didn’t hurt me a bit 🙂

    Hurt the bank account lots ($4,000 for the surgeon alone)

    Missus was crook for weeks after.

  3. I had all four of my wisdom teeth out in hospital under GA when I was 19.
    They did it in the Veteran’s hospital under Vets benefits coz, being a student, I was still getting my edjumacation paid for by Veteran’s Affairs.

    I woke up vomiting blood and with one side of my face swollen up like a football. The other looked more like a soccer ball. The surgeon who took my teeth out had hands that were bigger than my size 7.5 feet.

    I’ve had trouble with my jaw clicking ever since so Fark only knows what he did to me while I was out.

    Have a nice big bowl of miso with some nice soft silken tofu, Hav.
    That’ll improve your attitude.

  4. One of my molars died last year, and I’ve been toying with the idea of having it removed. But my almanack doesn’t list the date hell is expected to freeze over, so it may not be for a while.

  5. Last time I had a wisdom tooth removed, the dentist gave me a prescription for Vicodin. The extraction didn’t even give me any trouble and I never filled the ‘script! I find it hard to believe that your dentist wouldn’t write up a script for something strong for a couple of days. You might need to find a better dentist then Dr Mengele.

  6. I had an impacted wisdom tooth (and it’s opposite number) removed at the Dental Hospital by a Prfessor of Tooth Extracting (or something) – my Mum worked at the Hospital at the time which is why I had it doen there, and for free no less. The offending tooth had to be sawn into four bits and removed with pliers. Its opposite, and perfectly healthy tooth, had to come out or it would have grown up into the other jaw. Anyway, that one was removed by the dentist inserting this sharp lever thing, and POP out came the tooth. Just like popping off a bottle cap.

    My face still blew up, I got a week off work, but it was only uncomfortable after, not utterly painful. Still sucked though.

    Wash down the panadeine forte with beer. Worked for me when I broke my arm and they wouldn’t give me anything stronger.

  7. Betcha its still hurtin’. So you got this done to look better in the cricket action photos this summer. Vanity’s a bitch ain’t it?

  8. YEAH…FKN DENTISTS..not only do they sting like wounded fkn bulls…but they leave a lasting fkn impression.

    Therbs: YEP..still fkn sore!….BASTARDS.. I look FKN AWESOME!

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