Yep, minor kuffule when the ultra sound lady wanted the Radiologist to come in and have an optic, but turns out, she wanted verification on what she has seen. Cyst..small and nothing to stress about at all.



11 thoughts on “CLEAR!

  1. WHEW!

    There’s some good news! Permission granted to relax and have a beverage!

  2. YD…YES..a big WHEM at that.

    Cat..hell yes, I shall. Did the big hugs..

    Moko, Albion, Bondi..cheers guys and thanks

    Mayhem. YEAH..lucky,

    RHINO my man.

    Bangar, ta mate.

  3. Wonderful. The best of news.

    And — one hell of a heartfelt, articulate post, Havock. Tip of the hat to you too, sir, and especially to your good lady.

    Y’all doing anything about the World SF Convention in your city in September?

  4. Umm… yeah, of course I put this on the wrong blog entry, didn’t I? The ‘articulate post’ comment was aimed at your most recent writing.

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