Not sure what to write about this..if at all

Mrs H..called me into the bedroom this morning, “I’ve found a lump!”.

Doctors booked for 10.30 Monday and…..well.. yeah.


19 thoughts on “Not sure what to write about this..if at all

  1. Havock – I speak from experience here and while the first instinct is to freak you need to know that there are a lot of non-cancer things that could be going on. My thoughts are with you two and if you need any practical man support advice just let me know.

  2. Ah crap mate. Step at a time buddy. Like Rhino said, there’s plenty of other things it could be before ya need to freak out.

  3. Albion, BBA, Mayhem, Moko, Rhino, Doc..cheers guys..thanks.

    YEAH…one step at a time and lets see what we are dealing with.

  4. Thats sort of stuff is balls cringing scary.

    I am sorry and will hope it turns out to be nothing.

  5. Barnes / Medway..cheers for that guys.


    The doctor is fairly confident that its benign, BUT, the Boss lady still has to go get an ultrasound tomorrow and IF, req have a biopsy at the same time, not OUT of the wood,s but I get the feeling that we can see the edge. Fingers crossed!

  6. Fingers crossed indeed Sirand Lady Havock.

    As others have said, it could be nothing. Consider also, early finding is best. My Mum found a pea shaped lump – biopsy etc. and sure enough it was cancerous, but as it was found very early it was dealt with expeditiously and is now all gone. Still a bloody worry when it was happening but now it’s fine and dandy.

  7. That’s a pretty good start, and they’re looking at it closely, also good news. Fingers are crossed for you both!

  8. Shit shit shit shit shit.

    Finding it early – that’s a good start. Therapies are much improved by recent discoveries too.

    I’ll keep my fingers crossed for you both.

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