Havock Video, Pucka, M1 tanks and APC’s and more commentary.

Pete was gunna bust me balls till i put this up, so here it is pete.




10 thoughts on “Havock Video, Pucka, M1 tanks and APC’s and more commentary.

  1. Great stuff. Laughed at the van too. Tool, yeah luck with that!. Great piece of kit those Abrams, would LOVE to hear one going past. We get the Aslavs and Bradleys on the highway sometimes either heading to Amberley or for exercises.

    I’ll knock ya up a vid of what comes past here one day.

  2. Good vid there, chief!

    That’s just like driving around Ft. Knox or Ft. Hood-gotta watch out, because tanks have the right-of-way! And there were a couple of dummies driving there. People that live and drive close by a base should know to keep watch and out of the way.

    Liking the three-color Oz camo on the tanks and tracks. Takes one back to the old Cold War days. There was a feature in Fine Scale Modeler last year where someone built an Oz Army Leopard that had a similar scheme.

    Got the -113s going too. We have a lot of Bradleys but it’ll be a long time before the US gets rid of all the one-one-threes. For a lot of the roles they’re doing they’re still quite adequate.

    You guys get those Canberra LHDs in your Navy so you have wherewithal to deploy heavy forces by sea, and you all will be sitting pretty.

  3. Yeah surprised you didn’t get the barrel of something argumentative stuck through the window for being a terrorist insurgent scoping out targets…

  4. Moko: yeah, the van guy was a tool. I’ll get footage of one up close over the next week, they make a fk load of noise.

    YD:..yeah, I love the colour scheme, its fkn wicked, and the operational tempo given its end of financial is through the roof. LOVE’EM

    Doc:..yeah..occupational hazard.

  5. Havsy – I thought it was going to be a video of your big shoot-em-up day… maybe that truck was the one which ran over Barnes?

    We need to get the next week’s Burger get-together organised. Need your subaltern talents to get the grubs in order…

  6. If you are around Pucka at the time the annual EX Chong Ju (I think that’s the right spelling)live fire excercise, that would make some great footage. I was there a while back for a JFT course and was in the middle of a FM when the F-111s struck their target, all I had was “well these simulators are very life like these days…”

  7. Good video mate. Reminded when the Leopards trooped outa Pucka and did the big parade down Swanston Street . . . .umpteen centuries ago.
    So you putting the colours on the Abrams according to AS whuppity wup? Used to do it for destroyers . . . .fuckin Admiralty Grey always Admiralty Grey.
    How’d you get the pics without disturbing the security types? Because it was on public roads?

  8. BRIAN, yep, public allowed into the base, armour museum and all that, otherwise I would be breaking about a gazillion fkn rules and locked up, its also the reason that other stuff I take for work purposes has not been put up. I simply cannot and still want to have a job..lol..Thats not good.

    Stevo. Chong Ju..its wicked, watched this years on, unfortunately the F111’s had HUNG bombs and couldn’t drop’em, the 1000 pounders from the Hornets and the assault was good enough, arty on the hill, pumpumpum of the ASLAVs and rattling .50’s, quicker snarl of the .30’s…ALL FKN GOOD< made me wish I was on a tube chugging out 81's.

  9. Yeah absolutely awesome stuff. When I was there the F-111s had a hell of a time, A flight of three were panelled at Williamtown, one failed to make the runway, so two made it into the air, one peeled off around the south coast of NSW due to nasty flashing lights leaving only one too crump the crap outta the hill.

    Love it! I will back down the school in August to learn how to call in fast air, AC 130s and naval gunfire. Hopefully there is time in the schedule to drop some real bombs in the “bowl of death”

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