Councillors Changing Bus Routes to suit their OWN FKN Purposes

This here is a post that as YET, still has nor been put up at the Brisbane Times. Yes it might need a slight edit, But I am disappoint in the amount of censorship being displayed on what is a very very important topic.

the POST.

Mr Tony M, I’m not sure whether its you or one of the editors that EDITING the living hell out of the posts this morning, but one thing is for certain its really pissing me off , I gues you will insert PEE instead of PISSING, but It has become apparent that you have failed to contact any of the owners, eg, Mrs J  E L  ., Now, that makes me wonder if there is not perhaps some other hidden agenda here or you BALANCE for journalism is somewhat F**KED UP!.

Its quite simply really, we elect councillors so that they obey the planning laws and NOT, on a WHIM disregard the fkn things as seems to be the case here. I think its about time you TOOK the councillors to task, hell!, maybe even do some in depth research before putting up the bloody article.

As for the muppet headed Git who thinks we should follow what Singapore has done, I suggest YOU F**K OFF over there and live there for a while, then come back and tell us just how much of a democracy it is you tool. Lets have lots of bustard arse, cramped together got no fkn personality concrete blocks all across the city…YOU IDIOT!

And in the interest of being balanced. Here is the LINK to the Brissy Times article.

And to clarify what seems to be going on. The bus route has been shifted ONE street over..why, well it seems councillors LIVE in the street that it USED to operate we can’t have the precious councillors loosing sleep can we!.


2 thoughts on “Councillors Changing Bus Routes to suit their OWN FKN Purposes

  1. Gosh Havock. You’re one fiesty fella!

    It is true, the Brisbane Times journalist, Tony Moore, lives one street behind me and will benefit from the roundabout. All the buses will be taken from the back streets; his street.

    Well, guess what? You can’t have everything. It’s now my turn to react on behalf of my family.

    I was not consulted with regard to the one sided article about my home, the home I love, and the most pressing and most important point about this entire subject was not even mentioned. I even gave Moore my number via our Town Planners yesterday afternoon when he approached them to comment, and they refused. He didn’t call me.

    This corner of our street is now a Transport Orientated site. Not even a sniff about the incredible amount of public transport was mentioned in the article. Not a thought as to what it must be like living in a timber and tin home amidst all of this.

    Tony Moore and lobby group cut off their noses to spite their faces. They want the ‘not in my backyard’ approach, and then want to dictate what I should do with my house as a result of having to swallow it.

    What exactly is the Brisbane Times doing allowing their journalists to write stories about subjects their journalists have vested interests in?

  2. ME.. Feisty..Janet..well I never.

    Yeah, that kinda interesting, as a minimum, Mr Moore should have declared his interest in this in his article, its common practice for good journo’s I understand to do this..others..well who knows, It certainly lowers my opinion of Mr Moore and just how accurate his diatribe could potentially be.

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