Its all down hill from here I suspect

Friday night just gone about 12.30pm i strolled out to the shed where all the gym gear is. this is where the eldest fella does his gym work…DERR!. It was to shut the lights off and tell him it was time to come inside…guess what?, he wasn’t there. No biggie really, because he went inside via the back shed door, but when I ventured up to his room he was not there either.

So a quick stroll around the house and calls were made( OUT LOUD) and no answer. hmmmmm…WTF is going on.

I ventured up to  to the bedroom and woke up the boss lady and asked her if she knew where the eldest was..NOOOP and big WTF look back at me as well. So now very very curious and a little concerned I strolled down to the kitchen and grabbed the home telephone, dialling the eldests mobile…….NO ANSWER.

ok..stay calm H…NOT!.

I should say, the eldest has never really been restricted on where he can go, its more a case of whats reasonable and what time we consider an acceptable time to be home, Sure he has friends, they stay over, he stays at their places, they go to the footy without me or the boss lady and so forth. school is good, the kids at the tech college whilst not being the best ANGELS on the planet are ok. Pretty sure no drugs are on the scene and no grog, we have covered that one here before. The last two years have been at the tech and pre this it was at a Christian college, all mixed, all good kids..on the whole.

So about 5 minutes after the telephone call the phone rings and its the eldest fella. ” WHERE ARE UOU” I asked and was told ” UP THE BACK”..hmmmmm

Up the back where?, ( I should point out that up the back, means somewhere amongst the houses up behind up and usually refers also to somebody we know.

AT G’s PLACE….OH…OK I say, well I hope you are not drinking?..” NO” is the reply. ok I think.

” well who is there”. Well its G and A and his daughter” replies the eldest….hmmmmm H thinks. OK

Then sunday when they have been at the footy all day ( not at same spot as boss lady), thats the eldest and his friends ( we don’t know WHO). he walks home from the train station. NOW, I should point out that the eldest will not walk from the train station to out house under ANY, i mean ANY circumstances and when asked..well he simply felt like it. OK…hmmmmmm bells going off in H’s head all over the joint.

I get home tonight and as we go through the process of finding out how everybodys day has been I discover that the eldest fella arrived home at 5.30pm which is about an hour later than usual and again….he walked from the train station.

So I left it until after dinner, didnt say anything till later on and then asked him to come and give me a hand in the shed ( time for a father son chat). But I wansn’t going to tell hime that.

Once in the shed I laid out in front of him the three events, pointed out that YES, he will be 18 later this year, but its more a curtesy to tell us if you are going to be late and that sneaking OUT of the house as he did on FRIDAY night is a NON STARTER. ASK, just ask!.

So Q…who did you walk home with.

Answer…well its ( we will call her Missy). I walked home from the station with Missy. OK, I gather that it was missy at the hosue the other night just up behind us….YES! he says. I gather it was missy at the football…YES he says.

OK.. I should point out that Missy is the daughter of a friend of out who lives two streets up behind us .

RIGHT!…I didnt make a song and dance, no mention of the GIRL THING, just..Keep us in the loop and make sure that if you are going to be a bit late that YOU FKN TEXT ME or CALL FFSAKES..ay fkn muppet..KO!…YESSS DAD and a grin ensured.

I gather that its prolly all fkn down hill from here…his focus will now be totally fkn lost, sport will get the arse and he will be chasing SKIRT!…FK…Getting OLD!


17 thoughts on “Its all down hill from here I suspect

  1. It’s a pity you already know the young lady. You’ll miss out on embarrassing him when you first meet the young lady. But you can always save it up for his 18th/21st birthday party.

  2. Welcome to my world. Be grateful he hasn’t got a job where he regularly gets home after you’re asleep. Scary when you don’t know until next morning that he hasn’t made it home at all.

  3. Now Havock to REALLY embarrass him you must slide a box of condoms at him when he comes home. “Do you know how to use these?”


    I laugh but if it was my kid I’d be having a heart attack. 😀

  4. He’s getting that age. Good of you not to lay the hammer down on him, though.

    But-things these days (at least here) aren’t like what they were back when we were young punks. More violents and nuts wandering around now.

  5. Totally pointless giving the father-son talk now, TV and interweb has done it for you. Just try to point out that normal girls aren’t usually keen to do all that nasty stuff that girls do on the net.

    Well not until half a bottle of wine anyway.

  6. JB..if I did..THEN ITS BAD FKN LUCK..little shit sneaking out.. I AM THE KING! i say

    BBA..yeah. 21st or 18th…..PAYBACK!. the young lady in question is rather good looking. Like his old man, he has great taste.

    MAYHEM..OH I suspect THAT stuff is coming

    JEN. when he went to china the boss lady cleaned up his room against my very vocal protests..that was two years ago and guess what she found!..hmmm.. thats covered i think, pardon the pun!

    YD..cheers. yeah, no point being a dick head with him, he’s a good kid, it had to happen sooner or later

    DOC..hell yes, way too late. No, actually we covered that off some time ago and yes, he was already well up to speed…thanks to the net etc.

    Moko. YEP..our boy certainly is.

  7. HA!
    Remind me to sit you down some time and tell you some of the things that my nieces have done.

    I was shocked, I tell you, shocked.
    I don’t know where they get it from.

  8. Yep, time to give him a box of frangas and tell him to use the bloody things. let him you know aren’t ready for grandparenthood just yet.

  9. CAT..I’m not SURE how i would cope with that…FKN BADLY is suspect

    QUOKKA…I could only

    LERM…HE DOES..BIG FKN CHIP off the old

    Bondi..HE HAS THEM, we discovered that about 2 yrs ago, well, the boss lady did when cleaning his room..oooops. LMAO


  10. *fingersin ears*

    You may want to have another little chat about discreet distance. IE not with someone from; work, church, or anywhere else you have to go regularly, just in case it (when it inevitably) turns to custard.
    Or Perhaps Lerm would be the man to deliver that lecture. He has a good story about losing rights to the only bakery in Tin Can Bay worth the name after being aah indescrete with one of the girls that works there.

  11. I have it on good information that Lerm is universally indiscreet and can be taken nowhere.

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