QLD BURGER gathering PART 2.

OK. so i’m gunna dump a heap of shots here

1st on the left is a beer we came across thanks to QUOKKA..its the BOYLAN BEER..fkn hell, the bloody feral yank even has his OWN FKN BREW OVER HERE

This is QUOKKA in the center, MR QUOKKA on the left and GOOD OLD HAV’s on the right.

Slightly blurry but MAYHEM is on the left and Abe again just on the right..ENJOYING themselves too.

Does it look like NAT and BEDAK are enjoying themselves..FKN HELL YES!

Morrisons. the lunch VENUE saturday arvo. BEDAk, HAVOCK, QUOKKA and Mr QUOKKA and MAYHEM all attended. brilliant fkn food too

Did I mention that on FRIDAY I assisted JB at HIS REQUEST with some editing of the NOT YET RELEASED, only done by the INNER INNER CIRCLE of trust let ya view the MS After America which BTW is NOT YET RELEASED to..ANYBODY!

So we gathered at the TIBETAN joint next door to the Tassie babes show and had a bite to eat. Working clockwise from Centre bottom of photo I will try and get the players right.

With his head to us is MickH, his lovely wife on his left, Mrs MickH, a Mat of Bedaks next..who is a TOP FKN BLOKE BTW. Bedak, BART, Quokka at the end of the table and after that I am really fkn struggling to be honest.

Here is another shot of Din Dins

ya can see we was all having a cracking fkn time.

I should mention that on FRIDAY night, Natalia and Mayhem had to drop me back at our digs, this, with Natalie being Navigator and quokka being the driver involed a 35 minute trip, which to be honest should have taken about 10 minutes. Problem was neither had a FKN CLUE HOW TO FIND WICKHAM TERRACE….OMFG, laps of the CBD in ever expanding fkn circles and we even stopped to ask for directions. In the end, they dumped me at a corner and I legged it, else I fear I would still be going in circles with the two of them…FKN FUNNY AS FK it was.

More mental cases, this time MICKH is at the top of the shot…another top fkn bloke.

And finally the god himself and the lovely QUOKKA



16 thoughts on “QLD BURGER gathering PART 2.

  1. I was testing your fortitude and willingness to be subordinate you twat! It was pretty convincing though wasn’t it? When we missed the turn on Leichardt and ended up doing several u-turns to get back…and then asking that stranger. Fuck I’m good at orchestrating this kind of shit 😀

  2. Apparently Quokka and I are the same person? Ya Bloody MUPPET! BTW at dinner at The Tibetan, Medway is next to me at the end of the table your side.

  3. Looked like a great weekend away.

    But …. You ate Tibetan?!??????

    Maybe these Northerners are a good influence after all.

  4. NAT..my dearest, petal, spanky..remind me never, ever as long as my arse points to the ground and I have breath in me lungs to LET you direct me in a vehicle or mobile implement….O M F G..a new def for CIRCLE WORK..

    MAYHEM..hell now darling never ever..me and my fkd up posting would be mores like it……ooops


    LERM..mate, was wicked. we found a pub that the street runs east west on. Looking west into the arvo sun as punters..er…objects walk toward you and SUNLIGHT SHINES thru …kinda

    NAUT…Fk knows what we had at the pub fri night, but TOBETAN was dam good…I brought CULTURE to FKN QLD

  5. Mayhem,be not offended.
    This explains a good deal to me.

    i.e. Havock’s conviction that Nbob looks just like Tom Selleck…and spynat’s conviction that he stars in American Gothic.

    So, only one mystery now.
    Who the hell put the rohypnol in his beer that night?
    And why?

  6. Is there going to be a part 3 of this, like JB’s trilogies? So those two sheilas dropped ya off somewhere without knowing where the fuck they were? You must have made a really good impression on them Hav. At the first sign of you going all Havock they ditch you.

  7. What if I promise to give you a friendly reach around? Would you go driving then? 😀

    Hey Quokka! I posted that comment twice yesterday and it’s only just showing….talk about spooky. I thought I would leave it here…because Bob is always all over the Gothic – not so much here. He would be mortified at my comparison!!!!!!!

  8. “Feral yank?” What the fuck is that? I thought I was projecting an image of fucking refined dignity.

    But I digress. I have it on very good authority that Boylan Brand sodas are especially good mixed with Irish whiskey.

  9. Nat – Buts its written just there on the internet, so it has to be true.
    Paul – mmmm, Irish whiskey. Jamiesons? Bushmills? Right, I’m going shopping. Don’t wait up.

  10. Therbs lol! We DID have a rough idea where we were. Just weren’t sure where Havs lodging were in relation to where WE were. And at that point, we were laughing too hard to give a toss…

  11. hughesy..you and Moko..next time around, somehow, not sure when, not really sure how..BUT we will catch up….AND IT WAS A FKN BLAST!

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