Well, i guess its now all over. But fk me what a cracker. I wont go flat out into detail, I have a heap of shots here which I will put up but the summary goes kinda like this.

JB  ( ) collected me most graciously from the Airport friday morning and we ventured on back to the LAIR, bunnies needed feeding and the jugger Author John Birmingham of  “He died with a Flaffel in his HAND”, ” The Tasmainan Babes fiasco”, ” Leviathan“, the ” Axis of Time Trilogy” series of Books, ” Without Warning” and shortlt to be released ” After America” took me for a wander through BURGER CENTRAL!. Having petted the Bunnies and what not, drooled at the Hover craft and the very current under construction MEGA DISCO BALL, sidded up to HAVOCK and asked if I would be so kind as to edit a few chapters for him of the AFTER AMERICA manuscript.

Which I was quite happy to do. The JB set about making a couple of Brews and we got down to the serious stuff of doing the final run through EDIT of his NOT YET RELEASESED, on for the INNER INNER CIRCLE opf Friends editing to be done.

OMFG..the chapters..FKN CRACKERS..dead set absolute positive fkn gold class, platinum plated fkn BEST SELLER in MY EXPERT FKN OPINION.

Some might doubt this, so below is evidence, HAVOCK in the LAIR doing his stuff.

So as you can see, this is the JUGGER AUTHORS daily view and ME, running over the NOT YET RELEASED…..MS.

And the GOD doing some more EDITING..being in the INNER INNER CIRCLE of opposed to just the INNER CIRCLE that some are in.

SO having done that it was off to lunch with JB, a beer and then he graciously dropped me off at the United Service Club in Brissy Central which  Lerm had arranged for me to camp at for the wekend. FKN GREAT CHOICE..COOL PLACE, COOL OLD GUYS, great atmosphere and a fkn PURE JOY to stay at as well.

So having settled in, then gone for a weeee wander it was time to head on down to the CLARET HOUSE that JB had booked in his name and gather with the rest of the crew for FOOD, DRINKS and possbly the opportunity to trash the JOINT as it had been booked in JB’s NAME..turns out the SCRIBE fronted as well.

So above we have the Abe Frellman and off to the right BEESO

Then there was Natalia the RUSSIAN SPY ( SPANKEEEEE) and the Playwrite himself SIMON BEDAK

On the left is MONSTER YUPPY and BEDAK AGAIN..jesus doesnt SB get cracking along. Monster Y is a top fkn bloke too…great company

Now I need to find a shot of MAYHEM

This is lunch at Morrisons ( FIASCO STEAK HOUSE) and MAYHEM on the left and MR Quokka on the right. I really need to get to BED and will post / WRITE the rest tomorrow night.



  1. Oh man!

    I really wish I’d been able to meet you guys for drinks on Friday night – it looks like such fun! But my show, my show, couldn’t miss my show!! Still far too attached. 🙂

    Can’t wait for the rest!

  2. Speaking of inner circles of trust. I got a copy of the script to the show….or did I say that already?…

    Spewing I missed ya big guy. REALLY unhappy about that.

  3. I remain deeply suspicious of your assurance that NBob looks just like Tom Selleck.

    From what I’ve seen of his posts, and things said by the trustworthy Messr. Greybeard, I’m expecting a clone of Boris Yeltsin.

    How’d that bottle of Boylan’s Beer go in your luggage, have?
    Will you drink it or wear it?

  4. Good God in Heaven! What a bunch. Pictures for the Post Office. Looks like a good time was had by all!

  5. Oh and your desk is MUCH too FKN neat! Nobody with that clean a desk is working that hard!

  6. And all this time I thought Monster Yuppy is a woman.

    I HATE being wrong about this sort of thing.

  7. PNB – if this is what you require, and I say this because we love you – it can be arranged.

  8. Quokka – Nowhere Bob is a total babe. Tom Selleck…? Excuse me while choke down some bile 😀

    Harry. I said pet I said love I said pet. You didn’t disappoint me. You were all I was expecting. And then some. I just hope you don’t become any more insufferably smug than what you already are 😀

  9. GC..I was great to meet you and the PLAY..well it was a FKN CRACKER. I loved the reference to KATE BECONSALE and then the nutter screaming cry HAVOCK!..she did that sooo well. great Job

    MOKO..yeah..shit happens, was looking forward to catching up with time…and there SHALL be a next time for sure.

    YD..RIFF RAFF totally and I have MORE pics yet to go up. AND..thats BIMINGHUMS FKN DESK.I dont reckon he does as much as he says to be honest…

    QUOKKA…beer is INTACT..fkn brilliant job you did, thats much much much heaps and heaps for the trips. really appreciated.


    PNB… Monster does have a rather nice hair do..not sure if that is a prerequisite for ya or not..

    NAT..>SPANKEEEEEEEEY!..was FKN AWESOME..everything AND more…even if you cannot navigate when pissed. THAT effort with you and MAYHEM was sooo good its gunna get a separate

  10. I thank you all for your sympathy and encouragement, but I am fairly confident that I shall recover from my bitter disappointment.

  11. Its the spam trap from the national times.
    It just can’t get enough of him, and we, his minions, suffer.

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