OK, so today whilst at work I got notified of the annual fire power demonstration they have up there, being a very non-destructive, peace and luvin to all person I elected to attend. Well it has been some time. The last time I got to play with big stuff that went boom, aside from me self of course was at least 12 years ago and then we really only got up to 80mm level.

this time around however..well, LET ME FKN TELL YA THE SEQUENCE OF EVENTS!

The first to open up was the ASLAV’s…25mm PUM PUM PUM PUM PUM in three round bursts and then some that stretched into at least ten fkn rounds, whilst these bad boys were starting to crank in jumps a short snarl, followed by some really long quickfire rattles…and thats quick fire snarling 7.62 machines guns. But the symphony aint finished yet. OH FKN NO!.

whilst these little fellows are plastering fk outta the hills and surrounding vegetation a deeper not that the MG’s and definitely slower cracks to life. The boys have .50 cal Mg’s into the action and now its just pure fucking music to my ears. Bursts gere and there, the small pressure thump hitting you of the bushmaster cannon..PUM PUM PUM.

And then..oh yes. FKN BOOM, 120millimeter smoothbore cannon main fkn tank gun rounds from the M1A2 Abrams cracks the afternoon. BAD..seriously fkn bad, they bark like a mother fucker. So all hell breaks loose as everything on the firing line cuts loose, lets rip and brasses up the WHOLE FKN COUNTRY SIDE at about at this point I wanted to run off into a series of bushes and complete the task..FUCKING BIBLICAL. I seriously had forgotten just how much they roar and all together..AWESOME.. BUT IT AINT OVER YET.

Next up on the menu a HORNET appears and proceeds to drop 12 x 500lb bombs and that struing of serious bad boys goes RIGHT FKN OFF and do yopu fell the pressure wave…FK YEAH, but it needs a bit more I reckon and Hornet number two screams in and drops a PAIR.YEP


So whats better than this. well nuthing really except that the 155mm arty joins in the fray and then starts popping fkn smoke on the second target and some real fkn bad arse due gives the order CHARGE!.

TANKS, LAV’s and bushmasters to the charge and let fkn rip guys. A seriously fkn great afternoon.

NOW.. QLD..well I get in tomorrow, those that need it have my mobile number, LUNCH is sorted, Props to the boss also for collecting me in the morning, Dinner FRI night is sorted…WE TRASH THE JOINT..CLARET HOUSE in a CLARET COULR, has a bar which means I can start early too.


we cross the line of departure here at the POND at 0600 hours tomorrow morning.


9 thoughts on “PUCKA Fire POWER DEMO & QLD

  1. Fk yes. When I was in the Army Cadets back in the day, they took us up to High Range at Townsville for a very similar live fire display. Went from high-powered sniper fire, through various rockets, etc, up to 2 18s and 2 1-11s going to fkn town on the hill opposite. I was sitting within 40 or so metres from big ole bitey howitzers going the tonk. One of the best/scariest days erer.

  2. I recall one firepower demo I attended at Singleton. No armour or air, but all the Inf. gear you could think of. Now Singo is well populated with kangaroos…one mob had the misfortune to be exactly where a section of 81mm mortars were aimed (they rolled up in rovers, leapt out, set up and each tube had three rounds in the air at the same time, then someone noticed the roos…). Rounds incoming, the roos make a dash over to the far right – where the SFMGs suddenly started blazing away…roos cut left again, right back into the next series of 81mm mortars. So much for conservation.

  3. You’re a fucking mentalist sir. Well done.

    At least you’re not from Ebbw Vale though. Who the fuck decided on that as a town name?

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