Names changed for DEFo LAWS…The fkn air headed fkn tools, muppets and arse wipes cost me nothing but money. So now a letter has gone off to The General manager, Service manager and Holden GM HQ, Port Melbourne customer we are not fkn happy section as well.

Here is the letter. names changed or XXXXXXX  for obvious reasons.

MUPPET DEALERSHIP Holden                                                                  4/5/2010

xxxxxxxxxx drive


Victoria 3xx7


Ref. motor vehicle. VZ Calais, XXX98x   Axxxxx & Mxxxxxx HAVOCK

Dear Sir / Madam,

Recently I booked the above car into your dealership in Bxxxxx Xxxxx for a Service and to locate the source of the vehicle stalling or wishing / feeling like it would stall at low speed. Additional to this is that the vehicle was to be serviced as well.

When my wife collected the car she was notified that the mechanics were unable to locate the source of the issue and that they had in fact had no issue with the car whatsoever. For this, I was charged 120.00 dollars. Not bad hey!, that’s on top of her complaining about persons demeanours.

Now, having then had my wife telephone me, I made a few telephone calls and had Txxxxxs at Xxxxxx follow up the issue. Subsequently Axxx from Bxxxxxx Xxxxx contacted me and apologised for any inconvenience and requested that we bring the vehicle back in, we would be looked after costs wise and that a loan vehicle would be made available.

The following Monday (yesterday) my wife dropped the car at the Mxxxxx dealership as she had vowed and declared she would not return the car to the Bxxxxx Xxxxx dealership. So no loan car was available at the Mxxxx Office, which I fully understand.

The staff were explained what the issues where and I placed a telephone call myself as well just to ensure that the message had been delivered clearly.

The good news is that the issue was solved, a combination of dirty throttle body and a fuel filter with a significant build up of debris, there I guess is about where the good news kind of ends. In fact, it does, because at this point it drops off into the never never.

You see, being a car person, being a Holden person and wanting to ensure that our primary vehicle is in good condition and more to the point, that the work I just paid $689.00 Dollars to have done, HAD BEEN DONE, plus the $120.00 previously spend on nothing, I took the car for a drive.

Imagine my surprise when I discovered that the hand brake has not been adjusted, imagine my surprise when I find out we have been charged full rates, imagine my surprise when I discover that I now, as I have an UNSAFE VEHICLE, I am required to take the car back to you guys for the THIRD time to have a problem fixed. Unless of course I am happy to have my wife and kids perhaps walk behind a vehicle that if parked on a slope might just run over them…No biggie really I guess.

Rest assured that up until this point I have enacted severe restraint with you lot, your service level is simply shit house, that’s to say the least, let alone $100.00 per hour for a mechanic, that cannot follow the check sheet, then when he is required to fill out the check sheet, ticks off an item which has NOT BEEN DONE.

I wonder, have any other items in the service NOT BEEN DONE which I have paid $100.00 per hour for.

I guess, given I charge out my time at 120.00 per hour I should submit to you an invoice, which by my current calculations will come to three hours work or $360.00 dollars plus GST. Then lets add my wifes time as well shall we, travel costs for the vehicle too I think.

And whilst I am at it, I might as well take this opportunity to further reinforce my total dissatisfaction at the level of service received. You see, it’s bad enough when I have to pay what are exorbitant prices for servicing, enhanced further with a lack of care, especially when a hand brake is such a significant item and key component in the vehicles roadworthiness, but it’s taken to a whole new level when I am charged for work that is not completed.

Now I guess I get to inform my wife that she will have to take the vehicle in for the third time this Monday morning, wait around for 45 minutes whilst work that should have been done is effected, once again, costing us time and money.

Its little wonder, people are not getting vehicles serviced at HOLDEN dealers.

Axxxxxx Pxxxx ( HAVOCK)


Personally It would be easier to simply shoot the fkn tools, but then i would firstly go to jail and secondly they don’t get to atone for their collective fkn poor fkn service and fkn over charging like god dam ned fkn kelly!


10 thoughts on “GOD DAM HOLDEN DEALERS!

  1. I hit a tyre on the highway that took out the steering arm thingoes and the carhnts called it ‘pre-existing’. Fuckers.

  2. This why I go to a local mechanic, cheaper,better and honest. Good luck H you’ll need it.

  3. Yeah, cap ’em. I get sick of being fucked around by farnarkellers like this. I want to develop a piece of software which does the following:
    Prepares a “you muppets look what yez did” letter, suitably worded;
    Gives you the option of cc-ing ACA and Today Tonight exec producers;
    Gives you the option of ordering some guy to do some ‘wet’ work;
    Automatically orders a truckload of crap to be dumped on the muppet’s front lawn;
    Integrates in with Google Earth so you can hit a button and fire a missile at muppet HQ.
    Once again, I say cap the fuckers.

  4. But seriously – its not just GM. All dealers are about the $ and nothing else. Retail hourly rate up here is $130 – and you just know its the apprentices on $15 an hour doing the “servicing”.
    Liking Therbs’ ideas!

  5. I feel your pain, chief. I hate dealing with mechanics at car dealerships. Bloody crooks more often than not. And it doesn’t matter what nameplate you pull for, they all work from the same playbook.

    And cars these days aren’t like they were when we were young-damn things are like working on a jet plane, and you need to be an electronics whiz on top of being a mechanic.

    A well written letter, though, I’ll give you that. Probably get tossed at the dealership-or sent to GM HQ up here in the Motor City, given careful consideration…and tossed.

    Good luck. Third time’s a charm.

  6. She Who Must Be Obeyed deservedly zips around in a second hand 5 year old Merc 200C. Mr Mercedes knows how to rip & gouge $?hr wise (I think its $160 something, but I have never ever had any issue with the service.
    The usual you’d expect like a loaner everytime & a smoking hot chicky babe on the front counter, but last time I picked it up, there was obviously a flag on the account. SHCB, said “Ooh Mr Nowhere do you mind waiting for just a moment, then the head grease monkey and the grease monkey whp had worked on the car camer out, introduced themselves and then spent 5+ minutes explaining that “there is a fault, these are the tests we did, this will be the price of fixing it and (You could have knocked me down with a feather) “We reccomend you dont fix it as it doesn’t impact performance, safety, reliability or fuel consumption it’s just a rattle.”
    Oh and they replaced a wiring harness free on recall, apparantly pwr steering fluid had got into the harness. Out of interest I asked SHCB on the counter “How often has it happened?” She checked the computer “Four cases caused problems, there was one fire and 120 on recall have been found to have some oil contamination.” Got to love German engineering.

  7. WE’ve got an 04 model Holdne Astra, and it’s been to the dealers for servicing once…because that was free with the purchase of the car. It goes to our local mechanics every year for it’s annual service – friends of my fathers, and it costs a thrid of what the dealer would charge (and thats not even mate’s rates). Only one issue with that so far, they didn’t reset the electronic thingie that tells you when the service is due. too it back, old mate sorted it in five minutes while I waited. Only other issue with the car was a blown fuse which I fixed myself.

    In short – avoid dealers like the plague.

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