GOD arrives in BRISBANE on the 14th MAY, leaves 16th at 4pm.

Brisbane gears up for the receiving the HAVOCK.

Ok..so “H” that’s me BTW, shall be departing Victoria on Friday the 14th of May on roughly a 2pm flight…going QUANTARSE up and back, then jump on a bird at 4pm Sunday to come home.

So the really good news I guess for all you ferals up there in the central REDNECK wonderland state of Queensland is I AM ON MY FKN WAY and given its been about ..oooooh…7 years since I have graced the joint with me presence ..YA A FKN LUCKY BUNCH.

Now I should point at that Mayhem, quokka and troops have been feverishly working away in the background at MY DIRECTION, ( I am a GOD AFTER ALL) and sussing out just what the fk I will do and where, apart from seeing girl clumsy’s play on Saturday night. ( TASSIE BABES )

I am told the good Mr bedak..play fkn write extraordinaire shall be on site as well.

Rumour has it MOKO has tickets as well and to be honest, I suspect a lot more fkn ferals as well..BANZAI!…..should be a cracker all round I reckon.

SO, couple of suggestions have been made for LUNCH Saturday, Easy really, even a late lunch if those attending the evening festivities don’t want to be in town all day.

Below are two suggestions cut from the previous post.

Redcliffe venue such as Stone’s on the Point might be a good option if you boys want to catch up with him ( that’s ref BIG BAD FKN AL!). I’m actually thinking of catching him mid morning of sorts on SUNDAY  maybe….

Then morgana suggested:

Morgana said to suggest the Brekky Creek and also the steakhouse at the Norman Hotel. (Wooloongabba) I think they’ll both be pretty busy.

Now brekkie creek HAS TO HAVE MIDNIGHT FKN OIL MUSIC Playing or I will burn the fkn joint down.

So..I’m open for suggestions, I get in at about 4.20pm on FRIDAY…drinks Friday night are cool to.

I’m staying in a well to do establishment that’s geared to catering for GOD curtsey of Major Lermontov ( BIG PROPS), who most graciously booked the joint for me, So I guess that paying the bill before I leave will be the easy part…the REPUTATION he will have to live up to is his burden to bare later.

This place is located at

United Service Club Queensland
183 Wickham Terrace
Brisbane Queensland 4000

Near town I am told..or in town. actually, is it, BNE Town or is it big enough to be a city yet?.

Anywho…WHOS in and when and GIMME FKN SUGGESTIONS or thoughts on whats fkn listed.


27 thoughts on “GOD arrives in BRISBANE on the 14th MAY, leaves 16th at 4pm.

  1. I’ll be basking in your warm glow for Tassie Babes, including libations.

  2. As suggested on Twitter, The Normanby is close to the Theatre, we can walk from there to the play. A few of the Burgers who attended opening night had dinner there before the play, and I believe it was successful, haven’t heard otherwise anyway.

    Another thought was maybe apart from late lunch/early dinner Saturday, drinks and nibbles Friday night at a city or near city pub. I thought of The Pig ‘n’ Whistle, but maybe some of those who actually get out of the house occasionally would have other/better suggestions.

  3. mmm ok..SO dinner Sat night at THE NORMANBY?

    and DRINKS FRIDAY night at the OINK and noisy fkn instrument?

    ALD,, theee shall, and OH FK YES!

  4. Just suggestions, both closish to your accomms, both budget friendly. But as I said, I don’t get out much, so others may have additional thoughts.

  5. The advantage to going to the Pig And Whistle, for me, is that the FKN feral Irish backpackers next door that drive me FKN nuts hang out there. If you care to bring your knuckle dusters, I can point them out.

    The Bloke knows his way around most of the eateries in town, when he wakes up I’ll ask him what he thinks.

  6. Oh and Hav, if you want a lift out to Redcliffe on the Sunday am, we can give you a lift. So long as you don’t mind sharing air space in the C4 with the dog. Chaz survived the experience so I’m guessing you would too. We do like to take him for a run on the dog beach out there at least one day of each weekend, doesn’t matter which.

    If you do want to head out there on Sunday am, the Redcliffe Jetty markets are on and there’s a stall that does good coffee and pancakes, and if you get there a bit later there’s a stall that does these hot wrap things that are bloody marvelous. Just across the park from the scented candle store, in case you need to stock up.

  7. http://www.normanhotel.com.au/

    Hav, I should put in a good word for this place if you want Saturday lunch.
    It’s about 2 blocks behind the Gabba on the main road, and if you look at the advertising you’ll see it says ‘We love cattle – they’re DELICIOUS.’

    I’m guessing you will all want steak.

    If you are off to the Normanby on Saturday night just get someone to check if there’s football or such on at Suncorp as parking is difficult – 15 minute parking zone in every street from a 3km radius from Suncorp, I think.

    Bloke just woke up and said if you want steak then Fiasco’s at the Morrisson may be better and cheaper. It’s on Stanley Street midway between the Gabba and the Mater Hospital. I will go find the menu and price lists for both.

  8. The United Services Club is pretty old school – I think you will like it. I would suggest going to the pub near the venue if possible – there is also supposed to be some good places at the old Barracks on Petrie Terrace as well? Going to Redcliffe is like going to Frankston…

  9. There are some good places up around Caxton Street/The Barracks.

    However…. the 15 minute parking will apply in that area all around BAT on that Saturday night as there is a game on at Suncorp. I think the parking fines/rules may start as early as 3pm (We’re near the GABBA and that’s what happens here).

    So depending how many people plan to drive to lunch, it might be a better idea to stay clear of that locale and shuffle on to the Normanby or such to amuse yourselves from 4 -8pm.

    And amusement there should be, because its a broncos hangout, they have a match the Friday night before that Saturday, and things I would prefer not to know about will be out in force at the Normanby, hunting for players.

    We can’t make it to the play on Sat nite so will just do lunch on Sat.

  10. Sounds like a solid plan is already in place!

    Fri arvo’s can be easily done at Fridays on the Eagle Street Pier. Great views, cold piss and pretty cheap. You’ll want to move on before it gets too busy though. Plenty of other spots in walking distance.

    Personally, I’d avoid the Normanby; it is the bogans nightspot par excellence. Given Terrace in Paddington is only a stones throw from your AO on Sat eve and has considerably less fuckwits than Caxton St etc

  11. http://www.ahmets.com/docs/Ahmets_southbank_menu_Nov_09.pdf

    Amen to that, Lerm.

    I suddenly remembered the Ouzeri, in West End, which is where JB planned to take us all for the CBG xmas party and discovered, after much faffing about, that it was shut on Mondays. It has just changed hands however, if you want to pay tribute to the Falafel Themed Play by eating Falafel beforehand, I can say wonderful things about Ahmet’s at South Bank. And they do Banquets if you want to keep the cost down.

    Havock will be staying about 50m’s walk from Central Station. It could be easy to get the train to South Bank, eat lunch around there or West End, and then move on to one of the pubs in South Bank such as The Plough Inn. Its a nice spot.

    If you catch the train from South Bank to Roma Street, its about 2 stops, and then its an easy walk to BAT on Petrie Terrace. We did this on Chaz Day as we were scared of footballers and parking. Too easy.

  12. When everything is sorted, can we please have an update? My mind just went into meltdown trying to work out if anything had been worked out. Thanks guys and gals.

  13. Lerm..cheers, for that. QUOKKA…FKN BRILLIANT FKN EFFORT! I might even bring that bag of chips you have been waiting for.

    DD..mm, yeah, kinda a bit to sift through really..I will sort it all out over the next day or so, consult with MY 9 thats gods) consultants and put up the PROGRAM.

    Quokka, I will contact BBA and find out his movements..but unless other wise I shall most graciously accept the offer, would be good to have some pancakes with the big fella on the beach or so.

  14. Norman equals good moo. Normanby equals pissed Broncos punching on. Fuck it, just go to the RE in Toowong and sleaze onto uni chicks, Lerm would want it that way.

  15. Well looking at the menus provided by the industrious Quokka, The Morrison would get my vote. Has a bit more variety for those who don’t necessarily want steak.

    Friday shouldn’t be too much drama, plenty of places around Eagle Street as someone suggested. Some great spots on the river, but we WON’T go to The Brats most recent restaurant.

  16. Count the two of us in for Saturday lunch.
    I think its officially called ‘Fiasco’s Steakhouse’ but I could only find it on google by searching under the Mozza.

    Parking (of the expensive variety) is available in the Mater carpark in the side street behind the hotel.
    Other than that, the streets across the road should be safe till about 3pm as there’s an AFL match on at the Gabba that night. After 3pm parking regs will kick in.

    Anyone planning to get there by train can catch the train to South Bank (the old Vulture Street Station, not to be confused with South Brisbane station which is where it always was opposite the Cultural Centre in Grey/Melbourne Streets) and then progress east along vulture street till you get past the Mater. The Mozza is the last bastion of civilization before you get to the freeway.

    I suspect that posting a map won’t work, so anyone who isn’t sure where it is should go to http://www.whereis.com and just type in the street address.

  17. You will probably need to make a booking for the Havock Fiasco, when you have numbers. I don’t think it will be too crazy down there, the AFL doesn’t start till 7pm and the Mob tends to hang out at the Story Bridge, the Chalk, and the Pineapple.

    Fluffy has been instructed to pass on my email address if you require assistance.

  18. HEY SPANKY!…I been a waiting…YA FKN KNOW I HAVE..lol…so..whats the scoops..hey!

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