JSF ( F35), we aint bought any & they are OUT FKN DATED ALREADY!

Well, I finally got some time here to post and an article I was reading the other day prompted me as well.  I was reading my current edition of Defence today on the russian F35S..yes S. This is the current version which in most circles seems to have a lot of people worried. WHY, well have a read here http://www.ausairpower.net/APA-Su-35S-Flanker.html . Seems that defence today people are not the only ones concerned.

I’ll give you all the lite( light) version.

1 This new puppy WILL sustain super-cruise

2 Only one other aircraft can do this at present and thats the F22 Raptor.

3 supercruising is flying at supersonic speeds without afterburner, that means you launch your missiles at the attacker ( enemy) in this case and the zoom out of his missile envelope before he splatters you all over the sky.

4 It means hen your missile leaves the rails its already travelling faster thatn the other blokes, assumig of course its NOT a F22 Raptor that you are looking at shooting in the lips.

5 NOW think about out Mach 1.6 we dont have any yet, only got one engine piece of shit JSF F35 that we are gunna fork out mega bucks  for, think also about whats being predicted as a 10:1 exchange ration against the JSF.

yes, that 10 JSF splattered all over the fkn sky for every SU 35S. For mine i think thats a bit fkn rich to be honest as its not just about planes, there happens to be AWACs, pilot skill levels and a fk load of other stuff too which all goes into the mix when determining who might win the air to air engagement.

So without dribbling further. I DONT WANT THE JSF NOW AT ALL, I never really thought it was suffecient, and with JADM and ER versions it still cannot deliver the strike power of the F111.

WHAT I am really curious about, is will the US lift or loosen it export restrictions on the F22 raptor now that the Su 35S is really about to turn the Combat aircraft and defence world up side fkn down……. I BET THEY WILL!


2 thoughts on “JSF ( F35), we aint bought any & they are OUT FKN DATED ALREADY!

  1. I always thought – although VERY excited at the prospect of them cruising past here – that the F35 was kind of like aiming for a Mclaren but settling on a gold plated kit version.

    There’s NO WAY whoever was signing the cheques for these things were ever, or will ever, get the details of agreement translated into Russian, they’ve got too much of a hard on for this ANZUS shite. Buying these F35’s really just taking a metaphorical shafting in the exhaust pipe and not demanding a reach round.

    I guess though, the flip side is, you could kind of guarantee the Seppo’s set it up that if you bought Ruskie the comms wouldn’t be compatible. I believe that’s the drama the Indians are having with the yanks.

  2. Pete, I kinda agree and then if you take a look at the F18E/F’s we have bought of which, the last batch of 12 will be pre wired / configured for Growler ( I still like the term WILD WEASEL ) and we are being told they will most likely be a LIGHT version. Eg, dont have ALL the fkn goodies the US platform does.

    In my view, we are either a good enough Allie to have the whole fkn lot or the Yanks can get fucked, same issue with the F22 Raptor really. but I suspect with the Raptor the game has now changed thanks to the 35S.

    I would not be surprised if Raptors are now sold OS to Allies..In a FKN LIGHT VERSION. Israel will be the telling equation on that one and articles rae already around that they want them, also same with the JSF.

    Interesting also that the IAF has not been involved ( tipped in any money) on the development of the JSF. My view would be ” sure you can buy some”, when you cough up some extra fkn cash like the other developmental partners have as well.

    The US, seems to want us on their side and all the other fkn crap that goes with it, YET, when it comes to current generation gear we are not good enough.

    I would tell congress they can jam the FKN JSF up their collective fucking arses and head down a different track..OH..and congress, next time you WANT OUR FUCKING BACKING..get fkd on that as well.

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