They get BIG real fast I am afraid.

Its kinda funny, kinda great and kinda sad I guess at times too; kids growing up that is. Today for example, I started on wiring up the additional 12v theme lights down the side of the house, when the eldest fella popped out, I should say, decided to get off the xbox.

As he wants to be an electrician, anything which involves wiring of any sorts around here he is on, like a rat up a drain pipe. So the next thing I know he is into with me and to be brutally honest, the extra pair of hand which physically can pretty much do what i do, is a fkn god sent. Sure, you still need to give a little direction here and there, but as he is going on 18 in November, its becoming less and less.

I will admit, I stand back now and look at the build of his body, no longer a boy, he is filling out rather rapidly, the temperament is coming along rather nicely as well, school attitude could still be better, but I guess you cannot have everything. Its an easy relationship we have, not much that I have to chip him on nowadays and when i do, its more like a suggestion or ” can you please”. One of the things I loved and still do about my father is that from a reasonably early age I was respected and not looked upon as a gofer and every day I endeavour to do this.

Thats quite possibly the bench mark for me, I still get along really well with the old man, hell!, he is actually living here at the moment as his job is just down the road and thats simply the thing you should do. Getting along certainly makes that easier, but that is without a shadow of a doubt, because of the way in which I was brought up. the old man, is easily classifiable as a best mate..thats a no brainer.

If, with the passing of time, I can have a similar relationship with both my boys, then as far as I am concerned i will have done my job, because instructions and suggestions when trying to help guide them through life only to prevalent pit falls and mine field will be significantly easier.

Now i guess I come to the part where, I explain the actual cause of this post, apart from the fact that I am most definitely proud of the way in which they are growing up, but its the clothing required for tonight’s outing.

Tonight we have the Seniors cricket club presentation, which he will attend, like last year with myself and the good boss lady. this event is formal, so we headed out last year and purchased the ensemble for him. This arvo, I asked him to try on his gear , obviously to see if it still fits and it does…JUST!. it was then that a little light bulb went off in the head and I slipped on down to the Robe and extracted a suit and shirt.

Handing it to him, I told him to try it on, I should also mention, that just before this took place he asked if i had a spare black jacket of sorts which he could wear, unfortunately no. But I kinda got the feeling he wished  attend tonight a little more dressed up, which IS FKN WICKED!.

So handing over the suit i imparted a couple or words of wisdom, being, ” If you rip it or wreck it, i will kill you”, which elicited a small laugh from him, and words along the lines of ,” you aint tough enough”.

Great banter back and forth.

So he slipped into the bedroom and momentarily later emerged clad in my shirt and suit and like i suspected it fits him perfectly, so i guess an e/mail to the tailor located in Phuket is in order…TWO MORE PLEASE!

he’s no longer a kid, he’s a young man and by the living fuck I have to say I am fucking proud of the little shit, proud of both of them without a doubt.

For all you people out there who have kids, have been blessed to be able to have children, cherish what you have with them, for those who don’t, I do not say anything bad as circumstances for all are different. I do know, that those who are unable to have kids usually find other, upon which the can bestow parental, do it, its great.

finally, I guess i will once again be under pressure tonight for him to have a beer, it’s a licenced establishment so for him the answer will be NO until we get home, he doesn’t know it yet, but he is up for a senior award tonight and has NO FKN CLUE.

cheers all



9 thoughts on “They get BIG real fast I am afraid.

  1. Funny, kinda great, kinda sad… couldna said it better myself. And as a Mum, it’s pretty great when they don’t have a problem being seen with you in public.

  2. Well, no more of a problem than anyone else has with being seen with H in public anyway…

    Looking forward to that bit of parenting. Still got a lot of years to successfully navigate of course…

  3. Time keeps ticking. I had my first convo with my niece tonight. Yapping away like old mates. Last time I saw her she still had egg shell all over her. She’s five. She hates the GPS in her mum and dads truck. lol

  4. Just remind the boy that experience and treachery will always win out over youth and vigor.

    I’m sure the Havocklings will turn out just fine.

  5. That made me have a little tear, I know that feeling. I have two young men now, who have made me a very proud mum many times over.
    Congratulations on a job well done, Dad.

  6. You almost make me want to inflict my DNA on the world!

    Sounds like you’ve done a great job with the pair of them.

  7. We got a call on the weekend saying that The Bloke’s nephew and niece want to come up from NSW and stay with us in October school hols again. Which they did two years ago.

    I was sure I did my damnedest to scare them off.
    Oh well, this time I’ll have to chuck some chick peas as well as lentils in the Shepherd’s pie.

    Havsy, in case you haven’t noticed I’ve offered up a restaurant suggestion suitable for Lunch when you are up this way. If it doesn’t suit, Morgana says there’s a wonderful little place in Windsor/Wilston that serves Betel Leaf.

    What part of town are you staying in that weekend?

  8. Goody O then.
    I’ll get Chazzles to pass on my email, seeing as I don’t Tweet.

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