SO, having finally got off my arse and replied to posters which has taken about eight months too fkn long, I feel, being a GOD and all that another post was is order and we just might cover a few fkn topics this time around i think, in the interests of keeping some readers who just happen to pop in from time to time.

Job front:

BUSY is a gold plated copper bottomed fucking understatement, I have about 21 projects on the go now and most are carry overs from previous PM managers. thats means that in most cases for various reasons they are in various states of dis fucking repair, but thats OK. It means I get to play John fkn WAYNE / Bruce Willis / HAVOCK all in one and be the charging white fkn knight in bring these fkn things to completion. and that in itself is no mean fucking feat i will tell you.

Looks like the negotiations have finally finished and that we will now go perm with them on the 30th of April, money has all been sorted. The home front has stabilised significantly given we are back in the land of the working, prolly more so, in that I was contracting to them and able for the last three months to charge what a Project manager placement mob would, or close too.  Thats not to say that the situation at home was bad, just the ups and downs you would actually expect when cash is in short supply.

I’ve not been asked in any fashion on this next bit and to be honest, I’m going to type this up and fire it off to an author just because I can and that my circumstances have changed and it might be a piece to put out there for others..hell, maybe somebody will take something out of it and it helps there situation, failing that its simply a chance to tell what has taken place over the recent months.  For those going WTF is he talking about, its my own follow up of events post the good Mr John Birminghams acticle on people smashed as a result of the Global fin Crisis which was published in THE MONTHLY. great article by JB and I was more than happy to contribute. we will see how that one goes anyways.

now..as FOR M1 tanks, the types that we have here in OZ, I have done a significant amount of research on these fkn beasts of recent.

basic stats. The M1 was designed with war in Europe in mind and No consideration for fuel consumption, these big fkn monsters get about 250 kilometers to the tank and thats about 1400 liters of fuel.

here in OZ we run our beasts on diesel, not Avation fuel like the yanks do and we get substantially better fuel economy as a result, they are without a doubt a high fkn main piece of kit and generate a fkn thermal signature that is simply beyond belief, enough so that a fkn blind man could find one from 20 k away on a cold night.

enough of bagging the shit out of YANK GEAR.


I am flying into Brisbane land on friday the 14th of MAY and depart the joint on Sunday the 16th of may at about 1600 hours. Sat night I am attending the Tassie babes shows last outing in BNE and hope to catch as many ferals as possible.

Other plans..well to be honest I have none other than having a drink, having some food and catching up with as many people as possible so if you have some ideas or locations and what not ..drop me a fkn line. NO, the boss lady is NOT COMING ALONG, H is going SOLO because I AM A FKN GOD and I RULE MY WORLD OK!…H OUT!


11 thoughts on “RIGHT!.

  1. Never fear, we shall not leave you lacking for company and booze during your sojourn in the North. Think we can manage to sort something out. Let me know if you want to be picked up from the airport, as I have sorted the afternoon off. Also may be able to grab bs at the same time… we’ll see what she manages to arrange.

  2. Great news on the job front.

    Now look what you have done you have made DD all quivery.

  3. Good stuff on permanence for sure. Take no prisoners in Qld. You’ll feel at home, it’s full of fkn Victardians anyway

  4. Mayhem,,,,WHY do i know you lot will…its gunna be wicked.

    DD YES..an audience..not very often it happens, you should..be most, even, Unusually grateful …..

    BARNES..LOVE IT!..both counts


    Roder that..to the breaches!

  5. Until I find such a delicacy, The Bloke and I have spotted a place that, while out of the way, may suit your needs.

    Its called ‘Stones on the Point’ and is opposite the jetty at Woody Point.
    A large statue of Urg The Caveman graces it’s entry, and they bring your food out on a large, hot, square stone, so that the meat/fish/dead thing of your choice sizzles in front of you.

    We have breakfast at the deli next door so I haven’t sampled the wares but the first time I saw a slab of hot meat appear on a sizzling stone I thought ‘Havock belongs here.’

    I believe they bring the chips out cooked and the salad out raw so you’ve got something to amuse yourself with while you poke the carcass on your hot stone.

    Might be a good lunch option.

  6. Or not, the Bloke assures me that you probably like your meat cold and raw, torn fresh from the bones of whatever’s on the bullbar.

  7. DAM..Fkn bull bar option, I never thought of that!….

    I reckon we could do SAT Lunch, gives us plenty of time for nibbles later or piss drinking before the show etc ….WHAT DO YA RECKONS!.

  8. Sounds good.
    The Bloke is off to the AFL on that Saturday night so I just have to get him to the Gabba by 6.30pm.
    Chaz was keen to see Big Bad Al while he was here, so we ferried him out to Redcliffe yesterday and went off on our usual Breakfast and Dog Beach expedition while they were discussing matters of state.

    Chaz said Al hasn’t been too well, which is why I thought a Redcliffe venue such as Stone’s on the Point might be a good option if you boys want to catch up with him. There’s a nice hotel across the road called The Belvedere which looks out across the bay, if you want somewhere nice to wander off for a beer after lunch. Al might have some other place in mind out there, though.

    I reckon we could work up a car pool if you want to get a few of you out there, I can fit a few skinny ones in the back of the C4. The train is always an option for stragglers who want to linger on.

    If you want something a bit closer to town, Morgana said to suggest the Brekky Creek and also the steakhouse at the Norman Hotel. (Wooloongabba) I think they’ll both be pretty busy.

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