well, its been a fkn long time. Guess this working for a living thing is a real bitch, actually its a bastard because if I was a WORK at HOME, domestic kinda DAD I would be a BITCH……


New gig is going well, Project manager and playing in the defense realm is kinda cool again. I’m a little stressed at the process and that process as far as I am concerned costs a a fucking shit load of cash, cash that could be put to better use in my oponion. But all i can do is ensure we get the best bang for our buck we can and the projects are delivered on time.

I cannot go into specific details on what the projects are, but steel MONSTERS I FKN LOVE and being in their realm is fkn wicked.

OH..Totally unrelated of course. I would not have an M1A1 or 2,  IF YOU FKN PAID ME. I would call them the RENAULT of the TANK WORLD.

what else..hmm, NUP not much, just a lot of fkn head down and arse up, travel to the various bases as well, I think my project count is now about 27, ranging from 20K to 1.5M. I know why they have chewed through PM’s a lot, they still need more people.

anyways, Peeled the covers back on Intense, did some more editing and penned / sketched an outline going forward on that. I’ve really fucking stalled on that issue, parts work load and parts fkn slackness and parts I NEED A NEW FKN LAPTOP cos the OTHER DOESNT FKN WORK ANYMORE. Next pay I think that will be cured…the lappy issue that is.


12 thoughts on “HAVOCK SIT REP

  1. YEAH…thanks ya muppet..67 fkn hell!…

    Moko..SWEET, still fkn kickin.

    Bangar..um..burner, web cam, wi fi, blue tooth and costs me fk all.

  2. M1 the Renault of the tank world?!? What would you have…T-72 or similar-the tank that pops its turret when hit by anything bigger than a snowball? Stop yourself.

  3. Stop ya fucking whingeing and get on with it! I reckon you’re drinking too much of that shandy beer.
    Them projects sound busy. I hope you can find time to rev up Intense, its always a fun read. Well done on the job.

  4. What’s that old curse … be careful what you wish for, you just might get it.

    Good deal on the job front – feels good to be productive and not have to worry about going out to buy a laptop if you need it.

    Thanks for the update … and get back on Intense.


  5. Glad that the new gig is working out well – but don’t drop the soap with all those tankies around!

  6. What’s this I hear about you coming up to Brisbane for Chaz Day – two weeks after the event?
    Is this a southerner’s strategy at organization or should I blame the military?


  7. Nice one H man.

    Interesting dillema that you are obviously in no way connected to.
    1 Buying in bulk means; savings per unit, minimum spares stockpile, minimised training needs for crews, etc. Lots of savings.
    2 Making one platform perform a wide range of roles is always going to end in tears. As it will be a compromise and a wise mate of mine once defined compromise as “No-one is happy.”

    Interesting ‘Diesel only’ policy the Army seems to be adopting.
    But you wouldn’t have an opinion one way or another on anything in that or any related field.

  8. YD..Dont get me started on the M1..FFSAKES….lol

    Therbs..I have done some more..not as much as I would have liked mind you…shortly

    RHINO..yeah yeah..its coming ok! AND yeah….MONEY does help certain issues

    Barnes…YES..kinda gotta be a mite careful..

    Lerm..they ARE different, thats for fk sure…on par with drop shorts

    Quokka…YES…wouldnt want to CRAMP chaz mans style.


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