Cricket SEMI Final for HAVOCK & Jnr

Our club has two THIRDS teams in our cricket comp, they finished 2nd and 3rd after the home and away season. So today, thats Saturday and Monday which is a public holiday we play off against each other at our home ground. Sledging started early in the week and has slowly built up, the good Mrs H has decided that  as its gotten so competitive she will NOT attend the game today, she will however attend MONDAY.

I should point out, THIS is SENIORS level cricket and the little fkr is 18 in November…

Interesting thing is Jordan my Eldest Opens the bowling one end for his team, I open the batting for out team…so I have no Doubt there will be bouncers comming my way and YES, the little fkr is quick….BUT I AM HAVOCK.

Until this point of the season which is KNOCK OUT semi’s, its been jovial…BUT WE ARE PLAYING FOR FKN SHEEP STATIONS NOW..SO ITS ON! No quater given, none asked…just battle awaits on the cricket field.


11 thoughts on “Cricket SEMI Final for HAVOCK & Jnr

  1. I sincerely look fwd to hearing the result. I think you’ve got a 30 ball half century in you! And don’t forget to duck!

  2. Remember mate, they get to pick your rest home. I’d leave one outside off knowing it’ll deck back, and let the little bastard buy you beers as a thanks afterwards.

  3. Just saw the radar and the news.
    Hope you’re all safe and dry down there Hav.

  4. guys…IT WAS FUCKING RAINED OUT!. So much rain the ground was totally covered in Fucking water. HAPPY…NOT..NOT at all, IF, and its a big fucking IF at that too, if we get enough sunshine to get onto the ground monday, we will play a one day game.

  5. Having taken a squiz at the BOM radar, I see an opening for a new sport – kayak hockey, on Lake Havoc.

  6. Looks like I got away just in time. Actually, lots of flights were cancelled, including the one just after mine, so quite glad I didn’t decide to head home late in the day this time ’round.

    BTW: Great to meet you guys on Friday, but you will not get away with your comment on twiiter re: the faff free organisation of said catch up lol!

  7. Glad you got back o.k, Mayhem. I didn’t; I got lost trying to get home. Stop laughing. Still, the catch-up was worth getting lost for. You guys are awesome. AND I got to see the beach. Twice. Kinda funny, really – on Friday, Bangar and I are on Little Collins Street with Havock and Mayhem. On Saturday, Little Collins Street IS Havock and Mayhem! Glad you didn’t go with the Saturday catch-up, Havock, or you would have found out exactly how much Cats hate water….
    Sorry about the weekend weather befouling your cricket matches. It would have been a doddle, though – all you had to do for the win was have a copy of your Will hanging out of your shirt pocket where the lad could see it.

  8. That’d presume the kid thought there was anything at the Pondo worth inheriting!

    Who’s been logging in from Santiago, Chile to check on Team Havock’s cricketing adventures? Though to be fair it could be anywhere in South America if they think I’m logged in from fucking Auckland!

  9. TRUE DOC..I have also been a slack arse here. WE didnt get to fkn play, the rain washed the game out and so..well the other 3rds side goes thru to the grand final and that would be the young fella’s team. NOT REAL HAPPY ABOUT NOT FKN PLAYING and kicking their collective arses.

    On the up side..well I got tapped tonight by their captain, seems that as I will A) be at the ground on the weekend as Jordan will be playing, B) I played 4 games with them earlier in the season and D) I am a FKN LEGEND they asked me to be 12th MAN.

    My initial response was NO FKN WAY!..but I might get a game..who knows, if not, well thems the breaks..So 12th man we is.

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