I should I suspect be concerned

I should I suspect be concerned…very very concerned, its TWO, yeas FOLKS!, two thinky posts in a row and that sufficiently unusual as to almost warrant a trip to the head doctor I suspect.

CAUSE..well who the fk knows to be honest, but here it is anyway.

The last post, touched briefly on the issue of the male stereo type, or more correctly, those attributes which seem to be ingrained and which we have received from society in general a complete fucking battering over, over , I guess the last 20 years, certainly the last decade.

What is it, whats the affliction that seems to see men, want to get all DEFENSIVE over somebody having a crack at their wife or merely the thought they might be looking sideways at her, the burying deep of financial problems, that stoic, almost stiff upper lip, lets not flinch in the face of adversity or show any sign, not so much as a ember of softness or doubt, on the really really troubling issues.

Perhaps even it’s the Disciplinarian roll in the household, No darling, I’ll go and get the fire wood, yeah, don’t you change the tyre, that’s my job, maybe it’s the I CAN BUILD THAT..NO WORRIES BABE!.

To be honest, there are any number of hangovers from time gone past, what was the TYPICAL MALE, that society has worked so hard over periods gone by to redress. I’ve not even touched the tip of the ice berg I suspect, just that a fair proportion would say they are well adjusted, believe in equality, fair division and all that, fully respect their partner as an equal and that’s all fine. I really agree, honestly, then, when it comes time to drive somewhere, I hop in the drivers seat and the boss hops in the passenger seat.

We trot down to the shopping centre to go shopping and without a doubt, I will push the trolley…little things I know!. But we all have them still.

Whats my job…. Well I can tell you. My job, is to protect my family, provide a safe environment for them as much as I possibly can, no that’s not right really is it.

Its defend them to the last fucking breath in my body from all elements and persons who might wish to do them harm, provide a stable and caring environment for their growth, teach them all the things I have learnt and prepare them as much as I possibly can for all the good and really fkn nasty things that they may come across whilst I am still alive.

That last paragraph is pretty fucking big and contains a fk load of responsibility when you really sit down and read, then absorb it.

Now, I’m not saying the fairer half would not and should not do the same, but as danger approaches and your good wife is beside, I will bet my left nut, that your arm goes out to shield her or the kids and you step into harms way!.

I that chauvinistic … have we dispensed with all the supposedly balanced, metro sexual, equality learning so readily thrust upon us by society, why have we not let the better half step forward, placing her body on the line in front of the impending danger.

Is it because we are genetically wired to do so, if that is the case…why are we striving so hard to dispense with all the other male attributes or is this simply refining the male species with the probable knowledge that at some point, YOU MAY WELL NOT STEP FORWARD..your arm might stay where it is.

OK..why is the MALE, in a typical arrangement stronger than the female, typically more aggressive and yet we are , well I think we are breeding this out, if that the right phrase.

To be honest, I am not sure of the answers, the balance is hard enough to find and the point of balance that society finds is acceptable is dependant on which demographic you happen to be talking too at any given point in time as well, that’s nearly a fucking no win situation.

So whats the solution……I’m fucked if I know really, either way, you run the risk everyday and not behaving in the manner in which you should either from a societal requirement or from a genetic requirement I think and surely, surely that must make for some fucked up male minds running around out there.


10 thoughts on “I should I suspect be concerned

  1. I shouldn’t worry. ‘Thinky’ is good.

    Good points here. I believe the desire to protect the herd isn’t a chauvinistic thing, rather, a biological imperative that goes back to Day One of the human species. We might be able to ‘breed it out’-but I don’t think it’ll happen anytime soon.

    What can we do about it? Nothing. I think the best we can do is provide for and protect the family, but don’t treat women like they’re second class citizens out in the bigger world.

    If you take a look at the animal kingdom, you’ll find that often the male of the species is ‘flashier’ (a lion’s mane, a moose’s antlers), but it’s the female of the species that actually protects the young. Might be Homo sapiens is designed backwards.

  2. another thoughtfull post, but On average I get 120 articles to my google reader each day and I only get the last 40minutes each night after the_weapon is asleep before I have to sleep to read them all. Yours is a good, well argued and passionate piece and I wish I had time to consider and think on it.

    But I have two episodes of Breaking Bad and a Steampunk novel I want to return to the library this weekend.

  3. Isn’t it strange? Being the only parent in The Brat’s life, those things you talk about, the protecting, the teaching, the shielding (if I’m driving and have to brake suddenly, my left arm ALWAYS shoots out to protect The Brat if he’s in the passenger seat.. and he’s nearly 19 FFS lol!), has fallen to me. It’s hard and unnatural, but as you said in one of your comments on the previous post, we gals can be diamond tuff if/when we need to be.

    So why is it that I taught The Brat to always walk on the kerbside of the footpath when walking with a lady? Or to open doors and stand aside for a woman? Or to give up his seat on public transport for the female of the species? Probably it’s because I missed having a man around to do that for me, hold comfort, protect.

    I believe it’s possible to do all of those things while still treating the other half of you as your equal. I love it when I’m with my man and he does those things for me!

  4. YDog has it, it’s evolution, goes back to the Serengeti plains. Males evolved as hunters and providers, females as gatherers and family rearers. That’s not just in terms of physical size and strength, that’s in terms of how the brain is wired to reward behaviours (obviously reinforced by society and environmental stimulus – ie your old man or other male role models’ example of how to be a husband and father.)

  5. Most of this PC arse shit lands somewhere in the vicinity of the other steaming pile of shit where kids can’t sing ba ba black sheep any more cause “it’s racist”. The VAST majority of ‘normal prudent people’ understand and accept certain instinctual roles even if the rhetoric suggests something else.

    Yeah, equal work rights, pay, laws, sharing of domestic duties etc etc falls within the realms of reasonable change over time but whether we like it or not instinct dictates certain fundamental roles. I guess, like you mentioned, security of the family falls within the man’s role even if you’re not conscious of it. That’s not just physical security from possible threats, but financial as well. You certainly feel that way and a certain obligation is felt by all.

    In my experience in the rural setting marriage is partly a business transaction – farms and shit – where roles Just. Are. It’s not just an instinctual thing it’s a conscious ‘this is what you do and this is what I do’ and that train of thought has been going on FOR EVER.


  6. You are correct in saying that masculinity is being bred out. The Alpha Male is an embarassment and an anachronism to 21st century metrosexual society. They don’t need strong men to do the protecting, they need committees. It’s all a function of overpopulation. The same phenomenon is often observed in nature. In a now-classic experiment, the psychologist John B. Calhoun let Norway rats reproduce in an enclosure of fixed size until the number of occupants, and therefore the population density, was very high. He made sure, however, to provide everyone with enough to eat. What happened?

    As the population increased, a range of unusual behavior was noted. Nursing mothers became somehow distracted, rejecting and abandoning their infants, who would wither away and die. Despite the surplus of ordinary food, the bodies of the newborn would be greedily eaten by passersby. An adult female in heat or estrus would be pursued relentlessly, not by one, but by a pack of males. She had no hope of escape, or even sanctuary. Obstetrical and gynecological disorders proliferated, and many females died giving birth, or from complications soon after. When crowded together, the rats lost their inclination or ability to build nests for themselves and their young; their desultory constructions were amateurish and ineffective.

    Among the males Calhoun distinguished four types: the dominant, highly aggressive ones who, although “the most normal,” would occasionally go “berserk”; the homosexuals who made sexual advances to adults and juveniles of both sexes (but, significantly, only to non ovulating females): their invitations were generally accepted, or at least tolerated, but they were frequently attacked by the dominant males; a wholly passive population that “moved through the community like somnambulists” with nearly complete social disorientation; and a subgroup Calhoun calls the “probers,” uninvolved in the struggle for status but hyperactive, hypersexual, bisexual, and cannibalistic. ” I suspect you are experiencing the early transition to life as a prober. Can’t be helped if you insist on using high density public transport. Enjoy.

  7. I reckon its mainly instinctual behaviour helped along by reinforcement of gender roles.
    Now, back to the beer and explodey goodness.

  8. Right…So…I guess, we should start fkn cappin all the geeks, unwashed, ferals and fkn gooders and start exercising some testosterone and FKN GOD DAM FKN MUSCLE AROUND HERE, grabbin wenches by the pony tail and have them clad in Sarongs and ..nah, fk that..Just big arse CFM BOOTS in fkn black

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