This is a we bit of a departure ( a one off) .

Cannot help but ponder on the subject, thats mainly because the Operational liquidity of the Pondo has of recent times been pulled in about 20 different directions. Some people say that what you receive in life is a result of what you do, KARMA and i will say, I am not a believer in that particular faith, if thats what you wish to call it.

Like wise, neither am I a believer in, everything is under your control, your actions and or decisions, yeild the end result. Well to a certain degree they most assuredly do, but thats possibly a 50% item in my book. Its the RADICALS, the free floating, structured events taking place just over the horizon that are additionally, shaping the weather pattern of your future. Call it a storm!.

Like most storms, there are certain actions you can effect, pre its arrival, some of these are hurried last minute movements, others, like perhaps saving, have been slowly building up and in the hope its enough to see you through what you forsee as the EVENT, still, not knowing exactly what type of storm will arrive and what directions it will assault you kingdom ( family) from.

I read somewhere recently that a significant portions of australian families had enough financial liquidity to survive for a MONTH..thats right, 30 fucking days, one mortgage payment, 2 or three shops for groceries and pay two or three utilities bills.

Thats pretty fucking scary when you really think about the consequences of NOT having that pay cheque roll in.

I guess its..just the way it is, certainly the 5 month holiday last year was an event that ensured the piggy bank got cleaned out, at that point, well actually before that point I sold the motorbike..that nearly fkn killed me, and what surprised me even more was that Missus H was also as unimpressed about me having to get rid of it, thats becuase she knew just how long we had worked to get the fkn thing .

BUT, thats the breaks, the bike added another buffer of just over a month, call it good fortune or good forsight on my behalf, well, actually, I just wanted that buffer, to cover the ” maybe it might happen”. And guess nearly did, we ran down to the wire on that one.

What then takes place and here is where I suspect that especially politicioans miss the fkn ball game completely, is that for every month you are out of work, it takes, as a minimum, by HAVOCKS slide rule, TWO months to catch up. If you do the quick math on that, it takes a fkn long time, all the while, the juggeling act is going on and the head is working slightly over time.

Whats the trick, aside from perehaps winning tatts or having a BIG bank account through tight fiscal operation.. well in terms of sanity.

Its compartmentalisation of whats going on around you, trying, without really botteling up shit, to ensure it doesn’t over flow into other area’s and I mean emotionally. The financial element will touch every person in the family unit whether you like it or not and with that comes a certain amount of emotional disturbance..tension and certainly without a shadow of a doubt..conflict.

But if you can keep, those bubbling, turning, keep you awake at night ..what if, emotions in a degree of check, it will make for a slightly smoother ride. Plus…there is another big bonus, you might, just might be able to keep the family intact.

YEAH!, thats one you do not hear much about and its the central fucking theme of thios here post. NO..H is not having any issues along those lines thank fkn Christ!…but I know of three immediate families who are, unfortunately, what is already a tight situation, fraught with numerous pit falls, rapidly spirals out of control. Its almost assured emotional and financial destruction of the adults and Christ knows what sort of scarring on the kids if there are any.

I dont have the answers…but, like i said, if you can, at least between the pair of you, stave of the emotional meltdown you have half a chance..trouble is, asistance in this area is thin and whats even worse..its like depressions and it is  when you really look at it, and its NOT TALKED ABOUT!.

Pitty the gummit fails to really notice or even talk about it, I suspect the hidden cost is far far greater than we can imagine, and the main reason, is that its instilled in the male Psyc from early on…You be the man, you keep it too yourself, you are the provider and ya ya ya…see how it starts..

Anyways, I now I have spent many nights pondering and playing with the what if’s, not letting the good missus H know whats running through the head or JUST how close to impending doom i think we might be……and thats not a good thing folks, I think the only thing it might do for you,, is accelerate the date with the dirt and THATS NOT THE OBJECT OF THE EXERCISE!.

Anyways..its been running through my head for a few days now, and I just thought I might put out there some of the thoughts and so forth.


12 thoughts on “This is a we bit of a departure ( a one off) .

  1. Outstanding post!

    An event like being unemployed will change your thoughts and ideas on a great many things. A lot of people start to think things like ‘I really don’t need a boat’ or ‘These clothes are still fine’ or ‘We NEED to sock away more cash in case this happens again’.

    My stepfather was out of work for over a year when I was in school. Things got a little tight. We thanked the gods that he had his military pension-little enough but it kept the roof over our head and some of the bills paid. It’s a sobering thing.

    You hear stories from your older relatives-those who lived in the 1930’s, during the Great Depression (don’t know how much Australia was affected by that, but it was bad here), and you think ‘Yeah, okay, Gramps, whatever…’. Until you get in that very same predicament, then you realize what they were talking about.

    You and Mrs H did well to hold things together, without overstressing each other. Hope things start to look up from here on out. And your calculations on getting out of the debt created from a stint of unemployment are probably about dead on.

  2. Indeed a thoughtful post, and welcome advice for all to ponder.

    Now back to the Havoc

  3. Great post mate. Have been staring down the same shite – though without the same immediacy as you guys as I haven’t actually hit the out-of-work long-term period, and don’t look like doing so now thank fuck – and it is a hard-wired thing into the male psyche that we are providers, it’s our job, and if we can’t do it, it’s a massive dent in our sense of self worth – on top of the damage that being unemployed and unwanted inflicts anyway.

  4. Yeah, it’s stuff that gets everyone from time to time unless you’re extra fortunate. So long as you don’t go into denial about the realities and/or try to cover the realities up from everyone – you’re a family after all – then you can be best prepared to take on a challenge like that. She’s tough, trust me I know, and it really FKS with your head, but without the communication and ability to acknowledge to everyone what’s going on it can be devastating. Financial planning is the key – which most do – but knocking back the luxuries EARLY helps quite a bit. Not bumping those luxuries out of the way early is part of the denial.

  5. What really scares me is the repayment schedule.
    Every week X$ are required to go out the door just to keep the wolves from the door. As a result I have always paid cash for cars, I have mates who have landed a sweet job then gone out & put 20K on tic. Dog help ’em if things get tight.

    I know everyone elses marriage is a foreign country so I don’t know how The Pondo works. @ Chateau Nowhere pretty much every night we are both at home we’ll go out on the back deck & sit together for an hour or so batting things back & forth. Usually gripes but often along the lines of “I’m stressing about X or Y.” We are partners and lean on each other heavily. I wouldn’t keep a stress like that from SWMBO.

    As for “Man The Providor” This year with the move across to Evil Banking Empire #2 she now earns a clear 3X what I do as a humble sh!t shovelling public servant. Hence she drives a Merc Kompressor show pony & I trundle about in my old hilux. Don’t hurt me none and if one of us has to take a day off [eg take the Bobette to specialist appt.] more often than not it’s me that does it. I do 90% of cooking & 70% of laundry & cleaning and %70 of homework supervision, she does the bulk of the earning & all the paperwork [bills, insurance, mortage tax etc.]
    So “can we meet the bills this month” has always been her stress not mine.

  6. YD:

    CHEERS, Its funny how you are able to remember what happened with the parents, its something children don’t forget, I suspect also, its something we tend to over look and try also, to shelter the kids from as much as possible, certainly not trying to stress them too much. Any really BIG TICKET items, I know, most would not divulge, they are after all just children. But yes, give it about 3 weeks, when that golden eagle flies in and things will most def pick up.


    THANKS..Dont worry my good friend..HAVOCK ain’t gone too far…I SHALL RETURN!..actually, I like that phrase, just not the fkn muppet that coined it.


    Spot on, I had been thinking about you when I posted it as well, Kids add a whole new dimension to the equation. Not that having kids in any different to those who dont and find themselves in the same position, most i think after all, live to their means and loss of it, kids or no kids brings with it similar impacts. And yeah, the male indoctrinations…HARDWIRING..its the root of a lot of evil, we are all progressing, I think over past decades the level of progression has been magnificent, but its still there in various formats.

    And to be honest, some aspects of that, I am not sure if we really want to breed or teach it out of the male…the more I think about it, the more I have another post in my head looming.


    yeah, I D of un essential items is a key, getting in early as well, I really feel for people who have those circumstances thrust upon them out of the blue, thats gotta be shattering!.

    And thats another point too, which I failed to mention, that you have alluded too, the other half. Its been a while since we have had an event which has caused me to pause and notice it, perhaps its simply a product of being inured too it by proximity all the time, hell!, maybe its a taken for granted one as well. BUT, the ability of FEMALES to STAND FAST in the face of seemingly insurmountable odds and be like the fucking rock of Gibraltar, when you might well expect them to go to pieces never ceases to amaze me. Hidden depths of strengths they all seem to have and we constantly seem to fail to recognize it. Having said that, they also can be as brittle as crystal too, the key is being able to identify when they are at that point, sometimes thats a cast iron fucking bitch to determine and its not until the water works start to become evident that you suddenly realise just how much of an impact the item or event has had on them. Females, almost as much as males in some scenarios are good at burying their feelings deep too.

    NBOB:, their isn’t anything wrong with that division of labour. its funny you mention the sit down and discussion. Its something we do here, maybe not as in depth with Financials and the goings on on a daily basis, more if things are Tight or DON’T GO BUYING BIG SHIT THIS MONTH!…kinda keeping her appraised of the overall financial state in a normal month. As for the KOMPRESSOR..well, The good lady here gets the Calais to drive, its just a VZ, 5.7, she does love her V8, and as you would know, I drive the WB ute. I learnt after my first stint of no work, back before the boys were born, that NO INCOME, plus significant oiutgoings can make for real financial issues, hence, we now OWN all the vehicles, the only debt is the house and BIG ARSE FKN SCHOOL FEE’s…well big enough anyways. It takes a lesson or two sometimes to realise that Finance is NOT always the best option. Sure, if you are operating a business and cash flows are reasonable, tax wise its a cost effective arrangement, thats fine, but I will never go back to HP or leasing unless I really have too.

    Perhaps, if it was a car allowance..mmm maybe, I would still be more inclined to lower the wish lists costs and purchase something outright if possible, or simply a short term loan for as little as possible, but I do hear you!

    BANGARR..Cheers mate..thanks

  7. Good post H! Been really impressed with the way you handled the outta work thing.

    For me the GFC lowering interest rates and then losing my job and finding another straight away have allowed me to build 6 months buffer into our mortage. First time ever I have had a big lump of cash put away. Most people are financially stupid and don’t understand debt. Debt is debt, there is no such thing as no risk debt. So everytime you take on debt, you need to build contingency plans in case you can’t service that debt.

    Life is funny and shit happens. The key to life for me is to cope it on the chin and move on. Always look for a way to make a positive out of any situation because the only thing you can control is you and your attitude.

  8. Cheers are right, the HOUSE for example, I have always known, had things really gone pear shaped, that we would still walk away with cash in our pocket and that debt contingency planner in that we are not IN THE RED in totality. I never want to HAVE to sell, but at least I would not end up having to still pay the bank money and still have NO HOUSE.. its a key issue of mine in all the new arrangements the surface pre the GFC and the gummit giving out Deposit money to First home buyers. Problem is a lot of those houses would not be sold for a profit after all expenses and duties are paid…thats setting people up for a fall if something really bad happens in the initial part of the laons life.

    And attitude..well like you mention, a positive attitude may not CURE the issue, but it certainly ensures other are not generated from the initial problem and thats a big big bonus.

  9. Good post boyo!!! Glad you can at least bring up some of the sacrifices with your lady friend – we seem to live in lala land here – especially when she REALLY NEEDS MORE SHOES!!!

  10.…thanks..dont worry..LALA creeps in here occasionally too with boss lady

  11. I always wonder why new shoes are so bloody urgent – I only have About 4 pairs and they seem to do me pretty well – then again because of my size 14 clodhoppers – it is pretty bloody expensive and frustrating every time I need to buy new shoes…

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