1st day on the JOB

Today we started the new gig, in town. I was pondering late last night what we would wear, given the slightly relaxed dress sense they seem to have for Project managers and finally settled on wearing in the Suit …full battle rattle i figured.

why!, well its simple really, it was my first day and i sure as shit did not want to be looked upon as a feral of sorts, it lets everybody known regardless of how we now dress, the H has a suit and CAN GET DRESSED UP so to speak.

received my security pass after lunch, the special access clearances i require for FULL SYSTEM access will come later, that’s going to take about 4-6 weeks..TRUST ME..its as in-depth as you can go, well almost, there are higher levels of clearances than what i will receive.

looks like I’m heading to Gippsland next week for a day, then down  or up rather to the western district of sorts to look at various works packages currently underway.

I not going to say that what i have been given in the short-term is totally rooted, rather that they might be …slightly er…um..behind schedule, about 2 years in some cases. that should see me cleaning up the mess over the next week or so, then its into the asbestos program with a vengeance..and that suits me fine.

Like i have mentioned, it’s a contract gig, the money is pretty good, its under my own business name, so insurances and liabilities etc had to be updated and so forth, all good and i suspect that based on the first day and reactions its will go pretty smooth ..in terms of mixing with the other PM’s that is.

I will also admit, today was a day of FKN LARGE DOSES of WITHDRAWAL SYMPTOMS..FK, not having net access, twitter and NT and blogs and the likes nearly fkn killed me, and tomorrow is a Blunty day as well, guess that means more work, less posts and I will have to utilise me IPHONE..just that I need to also make sure i get shit done first and foremost.

Be good all..I am a happy camper , certainly will be happier when the first pay cheque comes through the front door, thats for fkn sure.

just on that, I’m not really sure what its been like for other, but i will say one thing about last year.

IT WAS without a shadow of doubt the worst most fucked up year I have ever had the misfortune to be part off, thats mainly from a work perspective and that permeates everything now matter how diligent you are. I really, really do not need another one like it, whats worse, there are people out there who have not recovered, possibly will not ever recover …thats the really sad part, its fkd over a lot of really good people and not everybody bounces back.

Its going to take us another 3 months here to get fully square i suspect and thats only because this gig pays fairly well…not all are that lucky, so spare a thought for the poor bastards still doing it really fucking tough out there.


6 thoughts on “1st day on the JOB

  1. Hey, Havock — I’m really glad to hear this is working for you. And once you get your feet under you, and maybe score a bit of paid time off… if you happen to think that passing through Tasmania looks like a good idea, I’d be pleased to see you and yours around these parts.


  2. BANGARRR..hell yes, the low point has been reached i hope..for all concerned that is.

    Flint, mate, thank you, I will most assuredly at some point head south for a we sojourn with Mrs H and take you up on the offer. Can’t think of anything finer to be honest!

  3. Barnesm…REST assured my good friend, rough men are toiling as we speak to remedy this breach in our security…..well sorta rough men..lol

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