HAVOCK does have some personal control

Okay, its prolly been suggested, in FACT, it has been suggested that HAVOCK swears a lot and the probability I could NOT swear during anyform of conversation is rather long…WELL YA ALL FKN WRONG.

On my way into town this morning I decided for no real reason to give you lot a brief on the pending meeting and what the new gig is about and tape it, not really having a mind set to NOT SWEAR, just to see what sorta comes out.

The meeting went well, some additional bugs needed ironing out and we will start this wednesday, TODAY would have been better or even tomorrow, but given its work till the Financial year, or at least ..THATS what they are saying, I’ll settle for that.

So here is this final HAVOCK VIDEO for a while, at least until I get the URGE to do another one on some other shit topic.


6 thoughts on “HAVOCK does have some personal control

  1. I would have thought that putting overalls on over asbestos would make the overalls “disposable”.

  2. Well, chief, we figured you didn’t walk around in your professional capacity swearing like a Marine just off the boat.

    Sounds like your methods for dealing with asbestos are about the same as ours-and you’re right, it is like dealing with a biochem agant. I remember as a child picking at the asbestos lining on the hot water heating pipes at school. Fortunately that was before they linked it to lung problems, so I’m safe…

    Pretty deep knowledge of the subject. You should have knocked ’em dead in the interviews!

  3. Where is Havock and what have you done with him? Didn’t hear a swear word until 2 minutes!!!

  4. Bangarrr..lol…VERY VERY FKN disposable.

    Mayhem…..CHEERS…but ya better tell all the others too lol
    YD: Mate, thanks. yeah, it went well, we start tomorrow..WED 0830 hrs..ROCK N ROLL!, I have had the fortune or misfortune to have played with it extensively in Demo and on going with previous jobs..

    Lerm: HE kinda..well, actually, FK KNOWS WHAT THE FKN HELL HAPPENED..VERY ZEN CALM Morning it was

    Flint: LOL…YEAH….very elegant elocutions..like underwater with a mouth full of marbles I reckon. Lessons in Diction I SHOULD NOT GIVE!

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