HAVOCK Caught up with Dr Yobbo at the airport

Well, being a VIOC and able to organise shit, I tted up to catch Doc at Tulla airport before he flew back to ENZED.

WHAT was the TRIP..WELL FK ME, interesting to say the least. BEESO wont be happy with the start thats for sure. I suspect also, I might swear a little bit too…lol

ANYWAYS, a few Beers were held at the lounge with the good Doctor…three to be exact before he flew back out. It was good to catch him…TOP BLOKE!.

So below are the three videos of the event. HAVOCK STYLE..good thing i dont get angry..or wound up or anything.


Part 2

Part 3


4 thoughts on “HAVOCK Caught up with Dr Yobbo at the airport

  1. What the Major fails to adequately communicate in the first vid is that Dr Yobbo called him to harangue him for being a complete philistine in ordering a cappucino after midday….

    Was great to catch up for a few sharpies, looking forward to doing it again sometime – hopefully for longer than 45 mins! Cheers

  2. Ok … couple of things:
    1. Your steering wheel is on the wrong side of the car.
    2. You were driving on the wrong side of the road.


    And fun.

  3. H,it’s one of my pet hates too, bloody hidden L plates a sure sign that the person instructing shouldn’t be allowed behind the wheel themselves.

  4. LOL..Doc is Right..we did also discuss briefly how BEESO would react as well..it was good to catch up Doc.

    RHINO: YEAH…plenty of FKN insanity I reckon..lol

    Bangarrr..YEAH..FK it shits me, MAGNETIC should be fkn mandatory

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