Good NEWS + NEW construction works..FFSAKES

Well, i would be lieing my oh so sexy arse off, If i did not admit that this week has been kinda stressful. Thats because two jobs we were after were due to call me. And its now by, tomorrow two weeks after we stopped work, ordinarily that would be manageable, but as we had a rather LONG break last year ( think 5 mths), with only part time work the Fiscal capability to absorb any further fkn delays to securing a regular income…ARE NOT FKN THERE.

SO at 1600 hrs today I received a call, its the contract job, four month and a fkn good chance of an extension or going perm, its with my EX boss. The call was..CAN YA START MONDAY…..” FK YES”.

Jesus, i’m not prone to worrying about shit at all, its a case of do all yopy camn and the rest..well that just happens whether you like it or no point ion fkn stressing out over it….

easy hey!..yeah FKN RIGHT..Not when potentially the HOUSE could be on the line if things extended somewhat. But that been smacked on the fkn head flat fkn out. So i shall be contracting..good rates, enough to play a little catch up as they say and I AM FKN STOAKED..I think the boss lady might be as well.

So before the telephone call, I had decided to construct a hand rail on the board walk around the side of the house. Its not for OUR kids, more so any visitors. I had the steel, plus a big arse roll of stainless wire, so it was just a bit of Polishing up the steel posts, then applying a full coat of UV stabilised, automotive clear acrylic paint and installing the bastards. I also had to get the turn buckles as well and U Clamps for the wire.

Whilst trying to do this…IT FKN RAINED and og how i mean it rained..have a look at the pics, if you havent already seen the new..yeah..we made channel 9 news tonight..IT FKN PISSED DOWN.

TWO more runs of wire to go in tomorrow and the STAINLESS, WIRE LOOK ALIKE HAND RAIL will be complete.. looks fkn wicked i reckon.


7 thoughts on “Good NEWS + NEW construction works..FFSAKES

  1. FKN Awesome, great news mate, well done, on the job & the railing – heh, msn news says “vic storms cause havock”, good to see…

  2. Rhino..CHEERS…its a fkn good feeling i will admit

    MOKO..TA!….its being thought about, maybe just me and the boss lady i thinks

  3. DREJ, RHINO, MOKO, BANGARRR…Cheers lads,, thanks…yeah FKN RELIEVED… for sure. The rail come up..pretty well, very fkn happy with the results i must say

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