Pondo Tour by Video

OK..as per our Nat’s suggestion, we decied, seeing as we are such a legendary fkn film maker to do another one.

its a small outside , very personal tour of the Pondo, some swearing on occasion..but not much. Work done, too do, plants to be KILLED OFF and generally me playing a very well educated tour guide..Eloquent is what i would call it.

Here are the Links. Two short Vids

Part one of the SPECIAL tour.   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SQ1z02y-b9Y

Part TWO of the special tour    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_urww1WheZ4


11 thoughts on “Pondo Tour by Video

  1. H, that totally rocked. You have about 200 years of work to do there. Is it an arid environment? Thanks for the look inside the pondo … and the running commentary was fuckin’ excellent. Especially pointing things out with the lit cig.

  2. Rhino..cheers. Yeah its fkn dry. On stage 3A water restrictions. NO watering of LAWNS, hence the grey water pump. Its gardens on allotted days only ( 2 per week) for about 2 hours in the morning only for water.

    Yeah still a fk load to do. I’ll vid the front next. Wondered how the commentary would come out!

  3. H, thanks for the tour. I’d love to help but I’ve got a full roster already.

  4. Loved it. From pointing stuff out with the lit durry to the progressively more FKNHVK tone to the commentary as you realised how many jobs you still had to do, to the highlight at the end – the shiner on the lip – it was ALL GOLD.

  5. Aces. FKN LOTSA WORK TO DO! Loved it. You should do a Havicks Backyard TV show. Include a segment on CAPPIN FKN MUPPETS!!!!!

  6. DOC..lol..Bit like giving a presentation….YA forget and GET INTO IT!


    Therbs…….Part three, THE FRONT FKN YARD is coming

  7. I’ve got news for you sonny-Jim…that ain’t no Yukka! hehe

    Seriously – loved that stone wall. Really schweeeet. Great job.

    And yeah…if you build me one of those walls I’ll come a rake the leaves and do a tip run in the truck 😀

  8. Nat…OH!…oh well..its a FKN cool plant…… YEAH, the stone wall did come up well, I must admit.

    Doc: We could go NATIONAL!

    Lerm..I reckon ya might be right on that one..lol

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