GROLSCH BEER goes without saying I have taken a bucket load of flack, ribbing and innuendo, plus fk knows what else about this beer. WHY, because I have never, I mean honest to god, as long as my arse points to the fkn ground had it before.

Not so long ago, the Alleged Jugger Author John Birmingham ( ) did a sesh on Beer over at the Brisbane times on his Blog. Great debate was had by all and since then i have been on the receiving end as well about drinking Fruity , fluffy kinda beers such as the COLD FUSION, with LIME. which IMHO, and thats really fkn saying something is a great beer to have the one or two of after being out, fkn refreshing it is. Now under what would constitute normal circumstances in the HAVOCK Household, we partake in draught Beer. But of late, we have delved into all sorts, Pilsners of various varieties, Haagen, Cold Fusion and fk knows what else.

BUT..the FLIP TOP, resealable GROLSCH was laid on me as being the Ducks GUT, top og the FKN tree  so to speak. So after much fucking around and after the Boss lady found out she could utilise the bottles for home made sauce…I ordered some in. I only wanted two slabs, the bottle shop ordered three and the BOSS LADY, decided she would  collect them for me..rather nice really, seeing as she decided to grab ALL THE FKN CASES….OUCH!.

SO we trialed it…its smooth, thats for sure, I could almost suggest a hint of fruitiness in the background and they do go down rather well. Prolly one of the best…OK..I will fucking well relent and suggest it would make me top TWO..OK..

I’m not gunna divulge number one, because that with without doubt start a whole new round of shit and drop the productivity of numerous persons during their work day..NOT that some need encouragement mind you. So attached is a very short VID of the unveiling as you might call it, runs for about 25 seconds or so…

Here is the You tube Video LINK.


12 thoughts on “GROLSCH BEER

  1. My stepdad used to pick up Grolsch every once in a while. He never had any complaints about it. I’ve never had the stuff myself, but I always thought the ceramic bottle top was kind of classy, though.

  2. And as for letter bombs – fuck y’all, bring it on. Pussies. For the record, my mailing address is:
    J. Beesley
    PO Box 123

  3. a thought…

    Moko..He needs to live closer the bugger

    YD, giv’em a try..I’m not saying Doc hs great TASTE or Birmingham…but they aint half bad.

    DO…LMAO..I’ll be sure to tell BEESO, he can FORWARD it with a T shirt

    Natalie….OH yes. I noticed the smoother tone at the very I should do more…


    Barnes…Wouldn’t recommend Three fkn slabs..hell one of the Flip tops costs enough. Next time i might go with the normal ones, but I can see myself keeping a six pack in the fridge

  4. H, once you run out of Grolsch, perhaps we can send you after Cooper’s Vintage? Pricey but very nice.

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