A little while ago, in 07 in fact, the fed gummit decided that the abolishment of Technical schools was a bad thing, what with the lack of trades people and all, the screaming of potential employers about kids coming to them with NO FUCKING IDEA how to turn a welder on, Start up a lathe without the fkn CHUCK key still in it or Mitre a piece of timer without asking ” Is that the Mitre tavern” or fkn what.

I’ll confess, I went to a technical school, it was considered very uncool to head on over to the HIGH SCHOOL, THATS FOR FKN GIRLs and PANTY WAISTS…you would not be caught dead over there IN MY DAY.

I must admit, some did go, it was really for those who did not wish to do any trade based education and thats fine now. Sure, being a Full tech, we also had all the usual academic mind classes of sorts, Biology, Maths pure and Applied and all the other little ones ya memory is now prolly telling you about. Well here is another…It wasn’t VCE when I went was TOP, the equivalent to VCE or HSC as it was over at that poncy school with the girly boys.

But thats not what has pissed me off. It was bad enough that the fkn tools in government decided to ROLL tech into TAFE..what a fkn joke that was, but it did die off and lots, i mean lots off kids who would quite possibly have taken up a trade went dow other paths, found they didnt like it and thus, upon entering the work force received plenty of abuse and scorn at not being able to do what I consider for a tradie or apprentice wannabe  as the fucking basics.

Dont put the spinning head of the BIG FKN 9 FKN INCH grinder onto the will take off, yes it does generate its own very fkn nasty centrivical force and YES…I HAS NOW SEVERED YA FKN LEG!.

OH…when ya sytatt the lath with the chuck key in it, it throws the fkr a mile..does punch a hole in the teachers head or his ute…hmmm.

OH..Gee wiz, now that the oxy hand piece has gone out with a loud pop and co’s I dont have spark / flash arrester on it I should shut it off before something really fucking nasty yes, thats right, welding on steel plate out in the open when it WET is NOT a good thing to do, Drills will grade and snap ya fucking wrist and ..AND..OH yes, I can’t see anything now, but I guess safty glasses when using a bench grinder are the go hey…

Anyways. They built and opened across the country these swanky state of the fucking art technical colleges, arranged for local big and small businesses to be on the BOARD and integrate with the kids for work placement, school based apprenticeships and so forth which was fucking brilliant.

We the received a call, actually i was told by the eldest……THEY ARE CLOSING THE TECH SCHOOLS…”WHAT THE FUCK”, they just fucking built them, turns out he was close.

Whats actually happened is the FED gummit has stopped FUNDING the TECH colleges , so in the case on one i know..and this applies across the board as far as i have been able to glean, they have affiliated themselves with universities or tafe colleges and raised the fees from 200 per student per year to 1000 dollars per student per year, plus the usual books and clothing etc.

Now some will say a grade is fuck all, but lets remember a lot of the tradies come from a lower socio economic background and that simply just the way it is, other dont, but the fkn counter sways towards the former and not the fucking latter.

So how do you thing, a family thats earning 60K a year with three kids, two of which want to go to tech can cough up 2K…IT AINT GUNNA FUCKING HAPPEN.

WHAT fucked me off eight fucking ways from christmas is those cock sucking spin doctoring fucking muppet heads air thieving fucking wankers in parliament in Canberra. the FUCKWAD CENTRAL of politics have done all this opn the sly. THEN also, you hear , or REMEMBER the EDUCATION REVOLUTION SPEACH..from Blond boy, has his hand on his WONDER FUCKING TOY RUD BOT BOT and you go WTF..hows that work

This one has been sly, underhanded and kicks the fuck outta people who do need assistance, its gunna shrink the flow of TRAINED, thats sorta trained persons going for apprenticeships and place an additional strain on the workplace as they enter with sweet fuck all of an idea on whats going on.

Canberra really have done it this time,. I noticed NOTHING HAS BEEN SAID ABOUT THIS..its all been kept really fucking quiet. FUCKING ARSEFUCKERS!..


4 thoughts on “That FKR, RUD BOT BOT

  1. Yeah, typical Rudd. The only active/positive thing I can think of him doing is the so-called National Broadband Network — which is turning out to be a waste of time and money. Everything else has either not occurred at all, or been negative: Conroy’s giant Internetbuttplug, for example.

    Actively DOING useful stuff appears to be outside Rudd’s writ.

    Still no way in the world I can vote for the Jesus-Freak and all his re-animated zombies from the worst of the Howard era. But fuck me, there’s not a lot of options on the board, eh?

  2. Well, H, our system isn’t quite the same-but our community colleges probably roughly equate to your trade schools-and there’s nothing wrong with going to a Comm. College over a full-blown 4-year university-the instructors are generally from a working background.

    But we sort of have the same thing here. Many high schools and colleges are getting rid of courses like auto shop, welding, machine shop, etc. Part of it is liability. Wouldn’t do for someone to get hurt.

    But we still need people in those trades. Not everyone has the desire to learn how to run a computer or be a psychologist or a stockbroker. Learning the basics on the job is expensive and employers don’t want to bother.

    $1000/year still seems dirt cheap, though.

  3. Dirk, I’m with you there..its a really fkn poor choice of options we have, they all seem to have drifted so fkn far away from reality its getting into rather scary territory.

    YD..a grand is not really THAT expensive, but jumping up from 300 for a lot of families will simply mean its not an option. Those that cannot afford that, then remain in the public system , some will progress , other will wander off a do god knows what.

    Its the early training and development of skills sets that lost, kids who may be thinking about a trade get a toe in the water so to speak, some continue, other dont.

    But the employers all scream, what comes through are behind the curve, not counting those that could have , but dont at all.

    THEN..its slaps hard up against his education revolution fucking speach, its simply another back flip.

    I’m really really struggling with fed and state gummits at the moment, the level of stupidity and wastefulness being displayed, is biblical and we pay for this, people put up with it.

    The Fed side of politics ..well. I wouldn’t piss on either camp if they were on fire.

  4. Havock at this point if I see either on fire I’m going to lash out on some petrol.

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