Missed the JOB

OK..as most might be aware I finish up this friday with the Contract role. I went for an Operations Managers position , running three sites in town..not a bad role really. I passed the first interview with the Property Manager, then the next Interview with the Nat Operations Mgr and the  Regional Account Manager. All was good.

They recommended to the client that I be given the position, even though we did not have a degree or TRADE background = ( qualifications). That s why the Regional Mgr and Nat Operations Manager became involved in the Interview process as there was some concern as to whether or not i was proficient enough technically.

Aparently they were impressed..which is great, I was then put forward to the  Customer, who owns multiple sites across the country and after nearly two weeks deliberation by them plus a very good word from OUR ACCOUNT MANAGER..I was turned down.

So its back to the drawing Board. We have oportinities with a new account they have just Won, a National Telco and I have some LONGER TERM IRONS in the fire as well.

I suspect that come Wednesday, I will also be contacting a mob who asked if i would do a short term fill in, in the CBD, its 10K  PA less, but thats still miles in front of NO WORK or Gummit payed looking for work.

Its certainly not ideal, I’m not happy at not having got the job and thats all normal..it just kinda fks me off a tad. But nothing can be done about that.

So..once more into the breach as they say..keep looking and ya never know.


9 thoughts on “Missed the JOB

  1. Good to know you’ve still got options. But I’m totally with you on the “lack of qualifications” crap. There is no substitute for experience.

  2. Abe: YEAH SWINGING AWAY mate!.

    Doc / Mayhem. It kinda frustrated me i must say and it possibly reflects not only the decision making process for this particular customer, but also gives an insight into just how difficult this particular account could be. Given also, they have had three operations managers in three years, there is something not working somewhere.

    Its fine for a customer to have the last say, after all they are paying the bills so to speak. What i found difficult, was they have gone against the choices of the four most involved and senior people from the service provider. its not often you see that. Typically the customer would relent and then should things not pan out, give you the I told you so dressing down.

    And i still cannot get my head around why they have been so insistent on the Trade or degree, there are not many out there that stick to that like glue, certainly not in my field.

    Drej, Bangar, Big Fella. Cheers. YEAH… plenty of phrases come to mind, I’ll run with ” I fear this battle is lost, however there is still time for another one”.

  3. Jesus they’ve got serious problems then. And in fact the turnover at op mgr level is probably WHY they’re so nervous about appointing a new one and why they’re being such a pack of puckered sphincters about it.

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