The PONDOS Pergola update..some more construction today

Aside from receiving that telephone call which kinda sucked arse today, we were into construction mode for the wee pergola. Both the boys were giving me a hand today and the good boss lady chipped in as well with the painting of the timber.

The eldest bloke decided he wanted a crack at some of the welding as the two outer posts needed to have brackets welded to them, then sanding and then be painted like the wall/ facia support posts. He did a reasonable job, given he has only done a bit at school and never really showed interest at home here. Well he got a lesson today, certainly in just how hard it can be and the difference that various types of electrodes can made to the welding process.

I had to touch them up, his welds that is, but thats fine. I had the time and its good practise for him, only way to learn some things is to get in and have a crack. Must say, that the pair of them worked really well today and by jesus, it makes life a fkn lot easier when you have a 17 yr old and 15 yr old giving you a hand, plus the boss lady of course.

So , in the list of shots listed below are the following.

The newly fabricated posts, A picture of the brackets, mounted on the wall and with the facia board already installed on them as well. You may notice that only two brackets have been installed, well thats because I re assessed the over all structure and decided that FOUR brackets was simply miles of fkn overkill and if needs be, I can retrofit them later on, no big deal. All the timbers have been primed and painted, the posts have now been painted as well and its not on the list of shots, but one bean has already been installed and propped / support posted as well. I take pickies of that tomorrow as we start to erect HAVs monstrosity on behalf og the boss lady.


8 thoughts on “The PONDOS Pergola update..some more construction today

  1. Awesome. Don’t know if I’d let Jord near anything that could burn holes in shit. lol

  2. Ahh, takes me back to a couple of summers ago, except we were building support beams for my brother’s addition. Beams of sufficient size to be the keelpost of a ship of the line, and as cumbersome and heavy.

    Nice work, H…or do I have to say NICE Fkn Work?

  3. I couldn’t agree with you more, the only way to learn to weld is to just get in & have a go. Preferrably with someone with more experience offering a very few tips.
    That said I’m still the worldst crappest welder.
    But it’s fun to have a go.

  4. Moko: I was kinda worried about the big shit…BUT H was SUPERVISING!….lol

    YD: FKn work will do YD..yeah, jesus..anything bigger than what i was lifting..FKN HELL, you would have known about it when you finished..jesus.


    Big Fella: MMMM that all she did..well..KNOW, can’t say that..because she will read this and CAP ME ARSE

    NBOB: He does like it..and like you say..ya have to try. Mores the point..I have to remember to let him have a go times he thinks I am being lazy..and thats prolly right, but its the only way he will learn

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