PONDO..Construction Works

The good lady two weeks ago decided that off the back section of the house ( Rumpus ) room we needed a shaded and semi roof outdoor area. Even though we will shortly construct a fully roof ( weatherproofed ) pergola off the main part of the house. Her theory was ” WELL you have everything…so why not, its not like you have to buy the steel or timber, its stacked up, up the back”.

I love that shit..its just sooo indisputable as a theory..well, she is my wife and its not worth either the grief or my life to decied..NO, we are not doing that. thats because all the signs were there that this was gunna happen come hell or high water.

So I thought we might walk you through where we are so far, then do some posts of stages as they go up.

First cab was design, I’m not doing this kinda work ever witout a plan. So the Pic below is a side shot of how the brackets I have made will fit onto the wall, poke out under the eves and take a long running facia board to support the structure from the house endge.

Wall Bracket design and placement on wall

Then having sorted out just HOW I was going to design the brackets, I needed on overall layout, especiall so when I found out, was was going to be a flat, full shade clothed area, was to have a pitched roof in the central section, full cladded with Laser light sheeting, this making it weather proof of sorts…EFFIN HELL!.

So below is the overall layout.

Layout, showing House on left, existing fernery up top and sleeper walls etc

So with that done, it was off to the shed, several trips to the steel rack up the back, cutting, grinding, measuring and welding. For those who might be tech minded, I used, Low Hydrigen rods, 3.2mm TC units. Beautiful to used and strong as fk welds, be them verticle ups, downs or simple flat welds. The slag also comes off easily as well. You tend to need a few more amps..but hey, ITS ONLY ELECTRICITY RIGHT!.

So below are the construction shots of the rather large brackets

Then we have the finished products, they still need the end caps putting on, but that will happen just before i bolt them to the brick wall

And here is a shot of how they will go up, its on the front of the garage and NOT where they will end up, plus they will have all brackets on a flat surface. You can’t see on this shot the end piece of Angle that sits out past the gutter, onto which I will bolt the Facia borad..but it kinda gives ya an idea i guess


13 thoughts on “PONDO..Construction Works

  1. Sorry, caught a glimpse of that stack of green fkn evil in the corner and immediately lost the will to continue.

    Then again at least it doesn’t have synthetic fruit flavourings in it.

  2. Looks good H, if you haven’t already got a rotary hammer drill grab a cheap one from Bunnings, well worth the dosh. Of course you’re welcome to borrow mine but you will live way out west.

  3. Tidy work tiger.
    Did you think about sun angles?
    I don’t know if the Pondo points N,S E or West, but we found our back deck beautiful 8 months of the year turns into an oven in the early evening over summer. When you most want to use it naturally.
    That Laser light stuff is top shelf, the cheaper gear can get brittle with UV exposure & if you don’t have the breeze it can get a bit hot.
    Don’t forget rubber washers on the batten screws otherwise it squeeks & groans, worse than an old knee with too many miles on it.

  4. DOC..yeah, I didnt notice that..lol.. Thats the BOSS ladies fault, two slabs sold off at COST to the cricket club..THE CANS..HATE VB in a can, the bottles are bad enough.

    RHINO..LOL..Plebe..Construction GOD..

    BANGAAAAAR..cheers. Nah I have one, managed to buy without boss lady knowing at the time a Metabo Rotary hammer drill..more for a tradie..BUT ITS MINE!..lol

    Moko/ Therns CHEERS GUYS..Yeah..I did fkn enjoy the exercise.

    NBOB..Good CALL.

    yeah sun angles. The right side of screen is NTH and top is WEST, so we have all day sun, but given the shade cloth edges we SHOULD be okay. I had not thought about the rubber..good call

    Yeah..laser light..dear as poison, part of the reason its not ALL getting sheeted straight away.

    Being the design & construct Project manager, site supervisor , Tradie and lackie, if I blow the budget, THE WIFE WILL HAVE MY HEAD..No 10 percent variation here..lol

  5. One thing I noticed was the pack of softcock gold PJ’s on the bench. Thought you were a Winnie Blues man?

  6. LERm…as you should….Given how fkn tall ya is..lol

    Quokka: We only have neighbors on our Right side, looking at the house from the front, a street is on the left. Our neighbors are a retired Dutch couple, he’s 80 and wife is close to that as well. Ex Dairy farmers. And they are the best fkn people you could wish to have living next door. They have a son still at home who is intellectually disabled, around 50 I think he is. NOT BADLY, disabled, but enough. Just fkn brilliant folks..so I get a big NO DRAMAS there thank god.

    Therbs:..JESUS that would then make me a fkn HUGE BOGAN..bloody hell man..

  7. Hav I have nutters to spare. If you ever feel like things are getting down I’ll hit em with the trank darts, put a stamp on their assets and wing them your way.

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